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Nutella Brigadeiro: 6 recipes to make your mouth water

There is no sweeter that pleases the taste of Brazilians more than the brigadeiro and, as the national preference is sweet, cooks end up inventing new ways to make it even tastier. And there is no doubt that the Nutella Brigadier is the pinnacle of these inventions.

Next, check out delicious Nutella brigadeiro recipes that will leave you with water in your mouth and ready to make this sweet for your next party or just the next time you feel like eating it.

1. Traditional Nutella Brigadeiro

This recipe, as the name implies, is the traditional one, without invention, just the good old brigadeiro with the delicious Nutella. The tip for the brigadeiro to be sweet enough is to replace the chocolate with powdered chocolate or the semisweet chocolate bar. You can enjoy it in the pan or wait for it to cool down to roll it with sprinkles. Check step by step.

2. Nutella Brigadeiro with glucose

Easy and quick to make, the Nutella Brigadeiro can gain a professional finish by adding glucose or corn syrup. This ingredient is used to make the brigadeiro lighter and prevent sugar crystallization. For a professional brigadeiro, just check out the full recipe.

3. Spoon Nutella Brigadeiro

There’s nothing better than enjoying yourself with a spoonful of brigadeiro, add Nutella and have an irresistible mix. For the brigadeiro to be creamy, add milk cream and the texture of the brigadeiro will be perfect to be eaten with a spoon. To find out how to make it, just follow the recipe.

4. Nest Milk Brigadeiro with Nutella

If Nutella brigadeiro is already irresistible, add Ninho milk and have the most delicious of all brigadiers. As a differential, the brigadeiro is made of white chocolate, to combine with Ninho milk. Nutella comes in the stuffing giving that special touch. Want to know how to do it? So just check it out step by step.

5. Microwave Nutella Brigadeiro

The brigadeiro is quite easy to make, if you put it in the microwave, you won’t even have the trouble of moving it in the pan. To complete, this recipe guarantees a perfect texture to your candy, which makes it easier to roll and makes it even more delicious to be eaten. Learn this perfect recipe.

6. Nutella Brigadeiro for icing on cakes

Making your favorite cakes and even including the Nutella brigadeiro as a frosting makes your mouth water. The tip for the brigadeiro to be easier to spread on top of the cake is to add the cream after it’s ready. See how to make this brigadeiro and add it to the next cake.

With these recipes, you will be able to make the most delicious Nutella brigadiers, leaving everyone around you happy and with lots of mouth watering, in addition to satisfying you when you feel the urge to eat a sweet. If you are a fan of different brigadeiros, check out these churros brigadeiro recipes.

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