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Numerology: the power of house or apartment number 7

When the energy has the number 7 in its vibration, we end up looking for a certain isolation for reflection or else life itself brings us this. Excellent place to seek silence to read, listen to music or study, but contact with people becomes more selective.

Of course, it’s not a good place for business, unless that kind of environment is desirable (a library) or you’re working on some kind of analysis or research (like laboratory research).

A 7th house requires self-knowledge from its residents and often leads to isolation, offering rest and stillness. Subjects related to philosophical studies are very welcome and its residents must develop their faith and learn to be alone without feeling lonely.

To balance this numerological vibration, the lilac color should be used in the decoration, which stimulates spiritual and intuitive understanding. Studies and meditations are essential attributes for a better energization of this house.

In house or apartment numerology, a 7th house has a complex number that brings within it the energy of spirituality, arts, wisdom and introspection, and can lead to the experience of a closed world of its own.

A 7th house will probably be a house in which no one knows about the other’s life or even what actually happens in the daily lives of their family members, being oblivious to each other’s world and turning only to their own inner universe.

How to calculate the numerology of the house or apartment

How to calculate house numerology?

To find out the numerology of your house just add the numbers. So if the house is 54, add 5 + 4 = 9. If the number is 35, add 3 + 5 = 8.

How to calculate apartment numerology?

In the case of an apartment, we need to take into account not only our apartment number, but combine it with the building number. So add the building number to your apartment number.

If the block letter is written on the apartment’s main door, also take it into account and add the sum. For example, if the port is written 82B, this B will have the value 2 added to its result. To know the value of each letter, consult the Pythagorean table.

Important: the building number influences the collective environment and the apartment number shows the trends that affect residents more directly, as well as the final number, resulting from the sum of the two.

Discover the residential numerology message for the other numbers:

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