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Neutral shampoo: what is it for and what are the best products

Neutral shampoo provides benefits and advantages that are unknown to many people. Do you know what the function of this shampoo is and how to identify if the product is really neutral? Follow the article, see the best options to buy and ask your questions!

What is neutral shampoo and what is it used for?

Hairdresser Eva Motta, from Evolution Hair, explains that “the neutral shampoo provides a more thorough cleaning, opens and cleans the hair cuticles well and does not have many treatment agents.” Eva adds: “The shampoo is suitable for normal to oily hair and should be used once a week or every 15 days, depending on the need. After its use, it is recommended to use a good hydration mask”.

10 best neutral shampoos to help you choose yours

Below, you can check out the best neutral shampoo brands and blogger opinions about each product. Check it out:

1. Skala Crystal Clear Shampoo – $

It has an exclusive and translucent formula that gently cleanses your hair and provides an incredible feeling of freshness.

“It’s super refreshing and leaves a nice clean feeling.” – Patricia’s Cosmetics

2. Palmolive Naturals Neutral Shampoo – $

For normal to oily hair, it has lemon balm and citrus oils of natural origin in its formula that provide a smooth and refreshing clean.

“I love clear shampoo to use before hydrating the hair. I feel it gives a much better result and this is one of my favorite clear shampoos!” – Joo Mazzucco

3. Natural Purity Refill Silk Shampoo – $

The shampoo has green tea and citrus extracts in its composition, removes residues and purifies the wires, keeping them hydrated.

“It cleansed well, left the hair with a nice touch, without being too astringent or excessively moisturizing. For a change, the readers were right, it is a good shampoo option for those with oily roots or hair!” – Sabrina Olivetti

4. Johnson’s Baby Neutral Shampoo – $

Specially created to gently cleanse the finest hair and the most delicate scalp. It has balanced pH and leaves the hair soft and fragrant.

“I have very oily hair, I had to wash it every day and I was never satisfied. It was then that I decided to use Johnson’s, and people, it was glory! My scalp looks healthy, clean and hair light.” – Fernanda Bellissimo

5. Tresemmé Detox Hair Shampoo – $

Free from dyes and parabens, it has green tea, ginger and wheat proteins in its composition. In addition, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

“The shampoo is very transparent and shiny, I don’t know if I can explain it, but it is very crystalline and looks like a glass. It has a very nice and sweet smell.” – Alexandra Rodrigues

6. Kelma Professional Neutral Shampoo – $

Made with neutral bases and natural ingredients, it gently cleanses the wires, leaving them hydrated, soft and protected.

“It comes in a package that looks like a gallon of water and, despite being big, it’s not bad to hold. The product is transparent, not very consistent, but also not watery and less lather than regular shampoos.” – Jo’s vlog

7. L’Oréal Elseve Hydra-Detox Shampoo – $$

The product provides gentle cleaning and moisturizes the hair without leaving it oily. It has natural essences that purify the scalp.

“The shampoo promotes a deep cleaning of the scalp, but without drying. The hair is clean, fragrant and soft after drying.” – Tatiana Michels

8. Pantene Micellar Shampoo – $$

Formulated with pro-vitamins, the shampoo leaves hair healthy, strong, clean and feeling light.

“It has an amazing smell, one of those that flood the bathroom, it makes a very dense and soft foam, just the way I like it. His hair stays clean and doesn’t get dry.” – Joo Mazzucco

9. Bio Extratus Neutral Shampoo – $$$

The Bio Extratus Neutro shampoo is suitable for all hair types and was developed with gentle ingredients and enriched with natural milk proteins, which clean and moisturize the strands.

“What I really liked about the product is the pearly consistency it has. It is the type of shampoo for oily or dry hair. It is the typical product to meet both hair needs.” – Bruna Munhoz

10. Klinse N Neutral Shampoo – $$$$

This shampoo is formulated with antifungal and conditioning properties, which promote a deep and gentle cleansing of the scalp.

“In summary, I liked the effects of the neutral shampoo on my hair, it brings a feeling of cleanliness. And with Klinse N it’s like this: it seems that the locks are left loose and take longer than usual to create the dreaded lard.” – Thais Marques

There are many options, right? Now, just choose yours and enjoy the advantages that neutral shampoo provides to your locks.

Neutral shampoo videos

Check out, in the videos below, some tips on using the product and see how to make your own neutral shampoo at home!

What is neutral shampoo?

In this video, you will find out in a very simple way what this type of shampoo is and what it is for. It is worth checking!

All about neutral shampoo

Want to know everything about this type of shampoo and learn how to identify it? Watch the video and see the tips!

Difference between neutral and anti-residue shampoo

There are many doubts about these two types of shampoos, as they both have a deep cleaning function. With this video, you will know the main difference between them.

How to make a neutral shampoo

In this video, you follow the step by step to make homemade neutral shampoo with natural ingredients. The recipe is especially suitable for babies, but can also be used by adults.

Neutral shampoo really is a healthier option for your hair, isn’t it? And if you are a fan of natural products, enjoy and learn about vegan shampoo and see which products are the best!

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