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Neopilates combines Pilates with functional training and circus activities

About the benefits of Pilates most people have heard: improved posture, muscle strength, flexibility, among many others. But what about Neopilates? What it means? How is it similar and different from the Pilates method?

The modality has conquered more and more people, including celebrities such as Gisele Bündchen, Isis Valverde, Preta Gil, Juliana Knust, Larissa Maciel, among others, who have already declared themselves adept at the “new Pilates”.

Amanda Braz, physical therapist, Master in Neuroscience, author of the Neopilates method, explains that it is a modernization of the method (Pilates), which combines other current concepts, such as functional training, circus and recreational activities, to the principles of Pilates.
Physiotherapist Graziele Almeida, manager of Universo Postura Pilates (RJ), reinforces that Neopilates is a newly created method, “which brings together the concepts of classic Pilates (breathing, control and core activation); the playful and challenging part of the circus elements; functional training and unstable foundations”.

Graziele highlights that the method mostly uses suspended equipment, such as the circus lyra, gravity (fabric), wall, slackline, and others, such as coreskate, ladder, skier and mousefit.

Benefits of Neopilates

Neopilates has pleased many people as it adds other advantages to the benefits already offered by traditional Pilates.

Amanda highlights that, in addition to all the benefits of Pilates (muscular strength, good posture, flexibility, body awareness, improvement in breathing capacity), Neopilates adds the benefits of functional training and circus activities, such as improved execution in day-to-day, agility, balance and weight loss.

Graziele reinforces that, like Pilates, Neopilates offers several benefits to practitioners, “such as improving respiratory capacity, correcting postural changes, increasing flexibility and muscle strength”.

“Due to the unstable bases, Neopilates demands more motor coordination and balance. The postures are more challenging, encouraging the practitioner to overcome their limits, raising their self-esteem and self-confidence”, explains Graziele.

In this way, the main benefits of the “new Pilates” can be identified:

  • Improved posture;
  • Increased flexibility;
  • Muscle strengthening;
  • Corporal conscience;
  • Improved respiratory capacity;
  • Improved execution in day-to-day movements;
  • Improved performance in other sports;
  • More agility;
  • More balance;
  • Weight loss (caloric expenditure can reach 500cal/h);
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

Neopilates vs Traditional Pilates

For Graziele, the main difference between Pilates and Neopilates is the instability of the bases, which, with this, recruit more muscle fibers, generating greater caloric expenditure.

Amanda explains that, at Neopilates, new equipment is used: some unpublished in Brazil, others unpublished to do Pilates. “We follow world trends, with the aim of maximizing its benefits and making it even more fun and challenging!”.

The author of the method emphasizes that the main objective is to teach people to dominate their body and mind, what Joseph Pilates called “contrology”. “Another objective is to show that it is possible to do physical activity in a pleasurable way, whether it is to get in good physical shape or to rehabilitate”, she says.

“The inclusion of functional training principles, which are more intense and include aerobic exercises, makes the calorie loss greater than a conventional Pilates class. On average 500 calories per class”, adds Amanda.

Who is Neopilates indicated for?

According to Amanda, he is suitable for anyone. “Because the exercise prescription is done individually, that is, suitable for each person, according to their goals and needs”, she says.

Graziele points out that Neopilates covers all audiences, from children to the elderly. “All the exercises are adapted aiming at the goals of each practitioner, which can be a work aimed at the fitness world, as a physical activity, or with a more physiotherapeutic proposal, preventing or treating pre-existing injuries. At Universo Postura Pilates, for example, we carry out a physical and postural assessment for a better performance of the work performed”, she explains.

Amanda also highlights that there are no contraindications to the method.

However, as in the case of other activities, pregnant women, people with heart disease, hypertension and diabetes must request medical clearance before starting to attend classes.

Learn about Neopilates classes

In the video below you can see the execution of some exercises performed in a Neopilates class, such as, “Plank on coreskate”, “Unilateral squat on coreskate” etc.

In this video, you can see more examples of exercises, this time, performed outdoors.

In the video below you can see how Neopilates is a dynamic and challenging activity.

Below, another video showing different exercises done within the Neopilates proposal.

Check out a part of the Neopilates class with physical therapist Graziele Almeida, at Universo Postura Pilates (RJ).

It is worth remembering that, as in any physical activity, Neopilates classes must be guided by a qualified professional. Class prices vary from place to place. If you are interested, look for a reliable space in your city that offers the modality and take an experimental class.

After all, now you know: Neopilates classes are very dynamic and joyful, so they are great to end everyday stress while you exercise and achieve great results!

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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