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Nail stretching: discover the techniques and choose your favorite

Nail stretching is a technique used by women with difficulty in growing and strengthening natural nails or by those who simply prefer longer nails.

To clarify the doubts that may arise about this aesthetic procedure, we consulted the doctor, Dr. André Adriano (CRM-SC 14956 | RQE 12393), specialist in Dermatology.

Main nail extension techniques

The main techniques that renewed the iconic false nails brought several options in complex, unique and colorful formats. Check below which techniques exist and the process and characteristics of each one:

acrylic nail extension

Blogger Karol Pinheiro shows her acrylic stretching. “This technique is the most traditional. It is made by mixing liquid monomer and acrylic powder to form a paste that is applied to the nails. Drying is done with natural light. Its maintenance is fortnightly”, explains André Adriano.

Acrylic nail extensions

Cindy manicurist teaches how to do acrylic nail stretching. “This technique is made with gel and receives a layer of acrylic powder to give the nails strength and durability, covering imperfections. Drying uses the ultraviolet light cabin. Maintenance is also fortnightly”, comments André Adriano.

Fiberglass nail extensions

The manicurist Ana Paula Villar teaches how to do fiberglass stretching. “This technique is done by dissolving the fiberglass (wefted or strand by strand) in the gel, creating an extension in these dissolved strands. It is then molded onto the natural nails, fixed with gel and exposed to ultraviolet light. Despite the maintenance being fortnightly, it can last many months, as it is more resistant”, guides André Adriano.

Gel nail extensions

In the video, check out the process of gel nail stretching. “This technique is done with a gel to model nails that have a natural curvature, bringing resistance and strength. Drying is done in the ultraviolet light cabin. Maintenance is every 20 days”, explains André Adriano.

nail extension on tips

YouTuber Michelle Rocha teaches how to stretch on tips. “This technique is based on a kind of false nail made of ABS plastic. Being fixed with a glue, it increases the natural nails. Maintenance is every 20 days”, summarizes André Adriano.

There are some advantages to adhering to this aesthetic procedure, such as maintaining the durability and also the resistance of the nails for longer. Also, the coloring doesn’t chip easily and you won’t need to get your nails done as often.

Nail elongation care

However, there are essential and necessary care that must be taken to perform the stretching. Check out the dermatologist’s recommendations:

  • Do it with a trusted professional: look for manicurists who have professional courses and experience; asking for directions is always a good idea.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment: it is important to carry out the procedure in salons or hygienic spaces to avoid any risk of infection.
  • Check the products and materials used: observe the validity of the products and prefer disposable materials.
  • Take care of your natural nails: before stretching, worry about keeping your natural nails strong and healthy; Maintaining cuticles during the procedure is important, as they provide natural nail protection.
  • Use gloves: after applying the stretch, it is recommended to reduce exposure to water and/or chemicals to ensure the durability of the nails.

In addition, the use of nail stretching is contraindicated for pregnant women, diabetics and those allergic to a certain component of the product used.

The final guidance from Dr. André is to resort to stretching for short periods: “I always advise you to look for the use of these artifices in exclusive and short moments, such as a trip or a party, as the stretching of nails can worsen the frailty condition. There is a risk of infections by bacteria and fungi that damage the nail matrix, in addition to the emergence of skin cancer when using ultraviolet radiation for drying”, he concludes.

By Lígia Malagrino

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