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Mooring with Ogum Beira-Mar – Witches of Love

To bring back your love, say this prayer on the edge of a beach. Take seven pebbles with you and throw each one in a wave while you pray.

Let’s lashing with Ogun

Seven stones I will cast into the sea, for the waters to wake up, for they have long since slept for me. They didn’t even see me sailing in the world of uncertainties, but in the faith of my Father Ogun Beira-Mar, I will row new boats, which will bring true love (say the name of the loved one) to me with great affection.

May he not have peace until he comes to talk to me, either at midnight or at noon, because for seven days I cried, after seven more years we loved each other, with another seven we parted ways.

I ask you, my Father Ogun, that with seven more days you make him (her) be with me, definitely. The waves that took you will bring you back to me.

I beseech you, Lord, that if it is not by fate that he/she stays with me, then he/she returns definitively and once and for all, to the distance of the sacred sea.Axé!

Important note about mooring

Before you ask me, it can only be done at sea! Fits men, women, girls who like girls, boys who like boys…

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