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Moon phases in hair: use satellite energy in favor of your beauty

The moon is the satellite of our planet and has a great influence on the tides. We humans are made up of about 70% water. Imagine, then, the effect the moon has on our energy? To many it may seem silly, but that story about cutting your hair on the crescent moon to make it grow faster has a basis.

Want to know more about it? So, continue with us! We interviewed an Astrologer who gave all the tips to use the moon phases in favor of hair.

What is the best moon phase for a haircut?

Astrologer Raphaella Pacheco, also owner of the Elemental Astrology page, explains that it depends on the person’s goal. For anyone who wants their hair to grow faster, cut it on the crescent moon. For those who have very thin hair, the ideal would be to cut them in the full moon, to have more volume. That is, each lunar period has its characteristics and they must be taken into account individually when cutting.

Therefore, set a goal and choose the phase of the moon that is most conducive to achieving it. Come with us! We’ll talk more about that now!

Moon phases in hair: energy in favor of beauty

In addition to the haircut, the moon also influences the most diverse hair changes. Take a look at the influence each moon phase has on your hair!

New moon: time of great changes

According to the astrologer, haircuts in the New Moon give more strength to the hair. It is perfect for renewing beauty and bringing vitality and radiance, especially when the moon is in the signs of Leo, Libra and Taurus. It’s a really good time to start any project in life, so it’s also great for big changes in your look.

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Crescent moon: period of development

It is the perfect lunar phase to cut the ends of the hair and make it grow much faster and full of shine.

Full Moon: Enjoy Abundance

It is the phase of abundance, because it is the time when the moon is completely opposite and illuminated by the Sun. For those who want to increase the volume of their hair, it is a great time to cut. It’s also a great time to hydrate your hair and skin, because the products are more easily absorbed. It’s as if, at this stage, the wires are crying out for nutrients.

Waning moon: time to remove impurities

The keywords here are cleaning and reduction. It’s the perfect time to detox the wires and skin for cells to renew themselves. Cutting the hair at this stage is advisable for those who have voluminous hair and want to reduce the volume. It is also an indicated phase for hair removal, because, when done on these days, it lasts longer.

See how everything is related? Do not waste time! Harness the power of the moon and apply it to your life right now!

Tips to enjoy the best phases of the moon in your hair

The astrologer also gave us several tips on how to make the most of the moon phases in your hair. Check it out!

  • Keep a moon diary: develop the habit of taking 5 minutes a day to write down the phase and sign the moon is in. Then reflect on the day you had and write down the emotions you felt. After 3 months of journaling, you will begin to notice the cyclical patterns you experience. This will help you get to know yourself deeply and take care of your body according to its needs.
  • Cut your hair according to each phase: as already said, take advantage of each phase of the moon to cut your hair according to your goal. In summary: Crescent moon for hair to grow faster, Full moon for hair to increase in volume, Waning moon for hair to decrease in volume and New moon for hair changes.
  • Take advantage of the moon phases to make the hair schedule: the moon phases and the hair schedule have one big thing in common: they are both cyclical. So, why not take the opportunity to do the nutrition in the Full Moon, the reconstruction in the Waning Moon and the hydration in the New Moon, for example?
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This topic is quite interesting, isn’t it? Also take the opportunity to read about hair schedule and learn much more!

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