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Modeling belt: does it really work?

The modeling belt became a fever among bloggers, especially among fitness muses, with Gracyanne Barbosa as one of the main representatives.

It is usually used after cosmetic procedures, especially in the postoperative period of plastic surgery. However, it has gained new models to be used in everyday life and helps in the compression of adipose tissue by modeling the abdomen and waist region, and it is this feature that has captured the attention of several women.

But does it really work? Is anyone who can make constant use of it? To help with these doubts, plastic surgeon Dr. Marcio Wallace, from Medicine With Beauty, will help us clarifying some points. Check out:

Modeling belt: does it work or not?

First, let’s understand how the modeling belt works. It is produced with fins and a high compression fabric, which help to shape adipose tissue. As a result, there is the impression of a decrease in measures in this region.

But in the end, does it work? According to the plastic surgeon, “when used correctly, the belt is very efficient, especially in the postoperative period of liposuction, liposculpture and abdominoplasty.”

That is, despite being efficient, it is important to assess the need and recommendation of using the brace, even those used outside of surgical situations.

Some advantages and disadvantages of the brace

As the use of the modeling belt is normally indicated in the postoperative period of some procedures, most of its advantages are related to this. Here are some positives and negatives:


  • Body shaping, especially greater definition of the waist area;
  • Patient safety in post-surgical cases;
  • Correction of body posture;
  • Reduction of measurements of the abdominal region.


  • Considerable financial investment, when opting for good modeling belt brands;
  • Weakening of the abdominal region with continuous use (more than 8 hours a day);
  • Misuse can cause long-term damage, especially for those who suffer from circulation problems.

With good use and choosing a good brand, you can achieve good results without harming the body, but it is very important to consider the disadvantages so as not to cause future problems.

How to choose and wear your brace

As the doctor Marcio Wallace himself says, there are a number of formats of post-surgical modeling belts on the market. However, for aesthetic purposes, they are not the most suitable. This is because many of them do not have the structure to be used for so long.

The ideal is that you look for pieces of resistant brands and produced with quality material. Misuse can do more damage to the body than actually shaping it to what you want.

The opinion of bloggers who use

Well, who uses it? What do you think about this? Nothing better than the opinion of bloggers who use it in their daily lives to talk about whether they liked it or not.

How to slim the waist? Modeling strap solves it?, by Dani Nogueira

In this video, Dani explains the whole process about her choice of trying to use the modeling belt and how the piece helps in the correction of posture, especially when using it during work. And she even displays her before and after to show the result!

Modeling Strap, by Andressa Ganacin

Andressa, from the couple Dicas da Dedessa, tells in the video her experience with the modeling belt, after all, she herself talks about the contradictions and controversies that exist on the subject. In addition, she explains the difference between the post-surgical brace and the aesthetic brace, and gives tips on where to buy.

Modeling Strap: before x after, by Bárbara Cavalcante

If you want to follow the before and after of the modeling belt from the perspective of a person who wears plus size pieces, this is the ideal video! Bárbara Cavalcante shows a very honest perspective on the subject, it is worth checking out.

How to have a slimmer waist, by Bianca Andrade

Bianca Andrade, from the blog Boca Rosa, shows her experience with the belt and also other techniques to thin the waist, which is the main objective of many who use this piece.

With these reports, it’s much easier to know if it’s worth buying a shaping belt, isn’t it? But even with these valuable tips from digital influencers, it is important to know that there are precautions that must be taken when using it in your daily life.

Precautions when using the strap

As you can already see, proper use is essential to enjoy the benefits of the belt. Here’s what care should be taken when using yours:

  • Use products from well-known brands, as the use of parts of dubious quality can deform the body and cause pain;
  • Do not wear for more than 8 hours in a row, so as not to compromise the muscles in the core region;
  • Do not sleep with the garment, so as not to compromise circulation due to night swelling

In addition, in case of pain, tingling or numbness, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

So, now that you know everything you need to know, what do you think about using the shaping belt? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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