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Mexican skull makeup: 32 amazing inspirations and tutorials

Creative makeup has become a sensation lately. Mainly because of the ease of finding good tutorials, it is possible for anyone to make a beautiful makeup for a themed party without much difficulty. A really cool idea is the Mexican skull makeup, also known as Catrina.

One of the main symbols of Dia de los Muertos, a traditional Mexican festival, the Mexican skull honors the dead and also symbolizes life. In addition, they look wonderful to compose a beautiful costume and are not difficult to make. With a good step by step and patience you will get a beautiful result! So enjoy these 32 inspirations and play!

1. A first step for beginners is the entire makeup in shades of black

2. Working warm tones with a well defined eye, perfect for parties at night

3. For a more elaborate make-up, bet on the details

4. Video: simple makeup made with products you already have at home (step by step)

5. Makeup with red marked eyes and a lighter base

6. For those who are already an expert, you can try this wonderful 3D effect!

7. Black eye, red details and wonderful accessories

8. One option is to make only one eye more loaded

9. You can enhance the make-up effect by gluing pebbles around the eyes

10. Artistic makeup doesn’t have to be limited to just the face

11. For those who like red lipstick and don’t want to lose it in costume, this is the ideal make-up

12. Purple also goes well to compose the Mexican skull

13. Video: innovate by making a golden Mexican skull with a realistic effect (step by step)

14. How about doing a “half alive, half dead” version? It looks amazing!

15. Another “half and half” inspiration, made with water paste and neon makeup

16. Speaking of neon tones, you can use a purple to highlight your eyes well

17. Video: how about a very simple skull make-up, with an incredible end result? (step by step)

18. Get inspired by this composition made with rounded lines, arabesque style

19. Video: this is a perfect tutorial for those who want to spend little money to make their Catrina (step by step)

20. How about doing only the lower part of the face?

21. If you have more skill, you can make a rose on your forehead instead of the hair arrangement

22. Video: shine in the black light with this awesome tutorial! (step by step)

23. Another idea is to draw scary spiders on your Mexican skull

24. Video: leave just one eye without makeup with this very easy and economical tutorial (step by step)

25. For those who like simple options, without losing the power of fantasy, this inspiration is perfect

26. Pink and neon lovers will love this make-up

27. Video: a delicate, romantic and, at the same time, dramatic option (step by step)

28. The highlight of this makeup is the highlight on the part below the cheekbones

29. Video: do you like glitter? Too shiny? Then this video tutorial is yours! (step by step)

30. Still on the shine, you can apply a little on the shadow, giving a beautiful dramatic effect

31. And if you want drama, you can complement the look with a widow’s veil

32. Video: finally, a tutorial that will make you dream of a purple and pink skull (step by step)

Amazing, isn’t it? The good thing is that there are several options, for all tastes: for those who want something simpler, for those who want to cause, for those looking for a more dramatic make-up and also for those who are still starting and prefer something more clean and quiet to do. What did you think of our examples? It will be difficult to choose which one to try first!

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