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Mermaid makeup: 8 tutorials to become the queen of the waters

It’s been a while since mermaids have stopped reigning only in the waters! Powerful and full of shine, mermaid makeup is featured in Carnival, Halloween and costume parties.

Blue, green, purple and pink tones, lots of glitter and holographic accessories will be your best friends when playing mermaid. Learn makeup tricks and get inspired by the beautiful mermaids and tips we have selected for you.

how to do mermaid makeup

It’s not very difficult to get the position of queen of the waters, for that you only need one magic: that of makeup! Check out these tutorials that will help bring out the mermaid in you.

simple mermaid makeup

This is the ideal makeup for those who want practicality and speed when putting together the costume. The eyes have only eyeliner and false eyelashes, as the highlight is all on the gemstones. You can buy self-adhesive stones at stores specializing in accessories, makeup and crafts. Finish with gloss, lots of glitter and go to the party!

zombie mermaid makeup for halloween

In addition to showing how to create the characteristic scales of mermaids, Camila Amaral makes a tutorial on the bloody effect of zombies, which makes makeup very scary. You will need very simple materials, such as cotton and non-toxic white glue.

Mermaid makeup with scales

Scales are a hallmark of mermaids and add a fantastic touch to makeup. To do this, you will need fishnet stockings, primer and eyeshadow, you can use the colors you prefer, but the most traditional are shades of blue, purple and pink. The trick is not to move the sock during the process and to be very careful not to smudge the makeup when removing.

glam mermaid makeup

This is for those who love a lot of glitter and glamour! The scales and shadows in shades of brown and gold, plus false eyelashes, pearls and lots of highlighter create a more sophisticated look. And you can fix all the glitter using a lip gloss!

Mermaid makeup for dark skin

Youtuber Camila Nunes brings a mermaid makeup tutorial with products aimed at black skin. A vibrant blue eye is the highlight of the makeup, complemented by scales and sequins. And the trick to luminous skin is to apply an illuminating primer before moving on to the color shadows.

dark mermaid makeup

For those who want to get away from the most common makeup, this darker version of the mermaids is a great option. Here the bet is on shades of green, black and a powerful eyeliner. To finish, apply rhinestones and use eyelash glue to fix a colorless glitter on the lipstick.

mermaid makeup with glitter

This mermaid has so much glitter that it seems to be mixed with another magical creature: the unicorn! She starts by making a foundation with eyeshadows in shades of purple, blue and pink, and then apply the glitter. To fix all the shine you can use a clear mascara or hair gel.

Mermaid tail eye makeup

In a super creative version of mermaid makeup, youtuber Bruna Tavares uses the cut crease technique and a lot of shine to create a look that mimics a mermaid tail in the eyes! It is a good option for those who want to make a more discreet reference to sea creatures.

The tip for those who want to make the look last the whole party is to prepare the skin well before makeup with moisturizer and primer, then bet on a fixative to finish.

20 mermaid makeup ideas

The coolest thing about incorporating the character is to let your creativity run wild! Get inspired by these charming mermaids and have fun putting together the details of your makeup.

1. Mermaid makeup is always a hit

2. Overproductions

3. For the most minimalist looks

4. The scales have an effect reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail

5. Can be made in different formats

6. And spread all over the body

7. Glitter, stones and sequins can also make the scales effect

8. And the pearls refer to the bottom of the sea

9. How about a darker mermaid?

10. It’s the ideal look for Halloween

11. A very scary zombie mermaid

12. Or a very colorful skull mermaid

13. How about drawing the mermaid’s tail in the eyes?

14. It’s a different and creative makeup

15. Combine makeup with lots of accessories

16. Colored hair matches the mermaid look a lot

17. Colored lips also complement makeup

18. Bet on shades of purple and blue

19. You can use a colored lipstick or eyeshadow

20. And be a true queen of the waters

Now that you already have tons of makeup ideas, check out some mermaid costume inspirations to play with!

What’s up? Are you more of a zombie mermaid, glam or minimalist? Whatever your beach, take the moment to have fun and dominate the seven seas!

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