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Meet Radiesse, a collagen biostimulator option

When it comes to beauty and self-care, radiesse can be an option, especially for women who have already reached the mature stage of their lives. The dermatologists Dr. Adriana Dal Bello (CRM 15836-SC) and Dr. Nanashara Valgas (CRM 52815403) explain all the details of this procedure.

What is radiesse and what you need to know about it

A procedure that can improve the sagging of your skin? According to Dr. Nanashara, radiesse is the trade name of one of the collagen biostimulators composed of calcium hydroxyapatite and is used for collagen biostimulation or for filling. The doctor also explained that collagen biostimulation is the most common of them.

According to the dermatologist, “calcium hydroxyapatite stimulates a controlled inflammatory reaction that will result in the production of collagen, indicated to prevent or improve skin sagging, leaving the skin firmer, improving facial contour and wrinkles related to loss of firmness. of the skin”.

And if you are wondering about the investment of radiesse and who can do the procedure, Nanashara explained that the session costs around 2 to 3 thousand reais and is a procedure indicated to prevent skin sagging after 30 years. It is also indicated to treat existing skin flaccidity.

How does radiesse work in practice?

The answer is simple and straightforward. According to Dr. Nanashara, “we make two or three small holes on each side of the face through which a delicate cannula will pass that will deposit the product under the skin”. In addition, it is not only on the face that radiesse can be done. The dermatologist stated that, in addition to being applied to almost the entire face (except on the forehead and areas of movement, such as around the eyes and around the mouth) it can also act on the neck, chest, back of the hands, abdomen, arms, butt and thighs.

Regarding the duration and number of sessions required, the doctor stated that the application lasts “on average 18 months. To prevent sagging from the age of 30, I recommend one session a year associated with microfocused ultrasound. But if it is to treat sagging, we indicate an average of 3 sessions that will be held monthly”.

5 basic care after the procedure

After applying radiesse, it is very important to know what care is needed. Dr. Adriana Dal Bello informed that there are no special steps after application, but recommends some basic care:

  • Do not perform physical activities in the first 48 hours;
  • Avoid very hot environments;
  • In some cases, massage on site for 5 days;
  • Always use sunscreen, especially if the area becomes red or bruises, which disappear after 4 to 6 days;
  • Avoid sun exposure.

With these basic tips, your procedure is bound to be a great success! Following the dermatologist’s recommendations will help you not to make mistakes after radiesse. Next, see what are the contraindications related to the application.

Contraindications about radiesse

Dr. Adriana stated that radiesse is a very safe procedure, but it has some contraindications and “should not be performed by pregnant women, or by those who have infectious processes at the site of application and have active collagen diseases”.

In addition, she guaranteed that the procedure is suitable for all people between 30 and 65 years old and explained that there are other options for biostimulators that are sometimes more suitable for each person according to the degree of aging and volume loss.

Results on the skin of those who do the radiesse

If you want to know about the results and how soon they start to become visible, Dr. Adriana informed that “radiesse both fills in some wrinkles and increases the production of collagen and elastin at the site, improving skin quality and sagging. It restructures the layers of the skin, and results appear in around 4 to 6 weeks.”

A very controversial issue that raises doubts in most people is about radiesse fattening the face. Second to Dr. Adriana, every result depends on the way it is applied, the amount and the doctor’s technique. What the doctor observes in the office is that radiesse keeps the skin young and with elasticity, reducing sagging over the years. The dermatologist reinforces and guarantees that, “when well applied, it slims the face and makes the contour more youthful and natural”.

Sculptra X radiesse: what makes the two different?

So far we’ve seen with dermatologists that there are different collagen biostimulators, right? And that is precisely what differentiates the sculptra procedure and the radiesse. According to Dr. Adriana, “both are capable of correcting significant amounts of volume loss. One of the differences is the speed with which the results appear, although the results of both are not immediate, as the body takes a few days to start producing collagen”.

Another important difference between the two procedures, according to the dermatologist, is that the two products have different characteristics, but both stimulate the production of collagen and elastin through subclinical inflammation and, in this way, stimulate the production of collagen in a prolonged way.

And you, would you like to apply radiesse? Now that you’ve found out about the subject with the dermatologists and got all their top tips, you can go in search of performing the procedure. Remembering that the best thing is to do it with a specialized professional! Want to delve deeper into subjects like this? Learn about the static peeling procedure.

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