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Meet Lip Stain

The wish of many women who do not live without makeup is that it lasts for hours and hours, without smudging or losing its tone, as happens with some lipsticks. With that in mind, some brands have developed a water and gel-based lipstick formula, called “Lip Stain” or “Lip Tint”. They are having the greatest success in their various presentations, which are usually cream, liquid, paste or even in the form of a sharpie.

The main purpose of Lip Stain lipsticks is long lasting on the lips, but also a natural touch, as if you were not using any makeup in the region. Some versions are presented as a gloss with two ends – in one the lipstick and in the other a kind of colorless shine that leaves the mouth looking hydrated.

Lip Stain are great options for those who want a very light and basic look for everyday life, without getting that look of someone who put on makeup before leaving the house and sinned by exaggeration. It is also very suitable for those who are adept at matte lipsticks, the famous matte textures. For this, always bet on the sharpie versions or those that have two sides, one colored and the other moisturizing.

The most common colors in this new type of lipstick are those that resemble the natural shade of the lips, adapting to skin tones. So, the colors range from nudes and creams to grapes and violets, passing through very light pink tones and vibrant reds. Its nuances are general and timeless, can be used easily in both summer and winter makeup.

With Lip Stain you can carry out all your common day-to-day activities without worrying about beauty, as it will be guaranteed. It is possible to talk, eat and even kiss without losing the power of lipstick on the lips, which is why Lip Tint, as the innovation is also called, can be considered “kissproof”.

The oil-free formula of the lipsticks provides greater protection against heat, which guarantees an intact mouth for up to 18 hours, especially in summer. As the finish is dry and opaque, due to the presence of alcohol in the mix, many of the Lip Stains come with a balm to moisturize your lips.

Among the brands that already offer this product in their makeup lines are Yves Saint Laurent, MAC, Revlon, Laura Mercier, Sephora, Shisedo, Stila, NYC, Max Factor, Givenchy, Victoria Secrets, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Nars, Urban Decay, Laura Geller, Body Shop, Bourjois, Josie Maran, among others.

Here in Brazil it is possible to find several of these brands for sale in physical and virtual stores of makeup, cosmetics and perfumery, in addition to national brands that also offer the product, including Duda Molinos, O Boticário, Avon and Yes Cometics. Duda Molinos Lip Stain is in pen format, very similar to the hydrographic ones used by children at school.

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