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Meet LAD lipo, the liposuction that promises definition in the body

According to the Sociedade Brasileira Plástica, in 2018, liposuction was the second most performed plastic surgery in Brazil, second only to mammoplasty. So, check out what plastic surgeon Amalia Spector (CRM BA 24556) reveals about the aesthetic procedure of the moment: LAD lipo!

What is LAD lipo?

High Definition Liposuction is an aesthetic surgical procedure that, according to Dr. Amalia, “is intended to simulate muscle definition in the operated area, giving patients a more athletic appearance”.

Known as Lipo HD, the procedure aims to highlight the patient’s musculature, defining the chosen region. The most common parts are abdomen, waist, back, glutes, thighs, chest and arms.

According to the specialist, “in conventional liposuction, the fat is removed evenly, without giving the appearance of muscle definition, which is only offered by high definition lipo”, explains the specialist.

Amalia points out the advantage of this type of procedure, because “with HD lipo it is possible to improve the patient’s body contour, giving a more harmonious appearance to their physique, in an effective and safe way”.

How is it done?

The plastic surgeon says the procedure is similar to conventional liposuction. In addition, it must be performed with a medical team and a specialist plastic surgeon associated with the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

Amalia also clarifies that the surgery is performed “through fat removal cannulas, which have a more intense and superficial aspiration in the areas of muscle transition”, precisely to give the effect of contouring the muscles.

Possible risks, care and precautions regarding LAD lipo

Below, Amalia comments on some of the risks, precautions, and concerns that patients should consider before scheduling surgery. Look:

  • Attention with the rate of body fat: the doctor explains that, as it is not aimed at weight loss, LAD lipo is not suitable for anyone. “The technique is for those patients who, despite exercising and maintaining a balanced diet, cannot achieve the dreamed of muscular definition”, emphasizes the surgeon;
  • Check the contraindications: in addition to paying attention to the rate of body fat, this type of surgery is also “not indicated for patients who have any decompensated health problem”, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, etc., as it can compromise health. and the patient’s life;
  • Irregularities and scar fibrosis may appear in the postoperative period: the plastic surgeon says that, after surgery, some people may notice irregularities in the operated region or develop scarring fibrosis, in addition to swelling and possible bruising. However, these situations can be resolved;
  • Necrosis: in rare cases, the LAD lipo procedure can result in skin necrosis, according to the specialist doctor. This is because the superficial fat removed can leave certain parts of the muscle tissue without blood supply, causing tissue death;
  • Thromboembolic phenomena: Amalia says that, like necrosis, thromboembolic phenomena are rarer, but they can occur due to the stress that the procedure causes to the body. In addition, some factors such as genetic predisposition, consumption of tobacco, alcohol and health problems can corroborate this complication.

Therefore, the specialist emphasizes the importance of looking for a reliable specialist professional to instruct and ensure a successful surgery and postoperative period.

3 LAD lipo videos that will help you understand the procedure

Before deciding to undergo an aesthetic surgical process, it is interesting to study the procedure to feel safer. So, check out some videos that demonstrate different perspectives on the technique:

LAD lipo procedure explanations and results

If you have questions about the entire LAD lipo process, from before surgery to the final results, watch this video. In it, the doctor Juliana Oliveira explains the general panorama of the technique.

LAD lipo questions and answers

Even with several explanations, some things are only clarified when someone who performed the procedure answers them. In this case, Viih Tube has several specific questions about the procedure, such as the use of the drain, the use of piercings during the surgery and the location of scars.

Post LAD lipo surgery

In this three-day vlog, Virginia Fonseca talks about the moments after the surgery and the necessary care. In addition, the blogger shows the importance of surgical drainage to improve swelling. It’s worth checking out the video to understand the experience.

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