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Meet a Russian couple’s friendly pet kitten

If you have pets, you know very well that taking care of them is not an easy task. But imagine you with a cougar in the room? Russian couple Alexander and Mariya Dmitriev adopted Messi (yes, that’s his name) at just one year old. He has his own room, a meat-based diet and watches entertainment series together with dogs. Messi is very affectionate and playful. He has 509 thousand followers on Instagram and his owners share the most special moments of his day to day.

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your adoption

Messi was born on October 30, 2015 in Russia and the management of the zoo where he came into the world named him in honor of Barcelona and Argentina national team player Lionel Messi. The idea was to name three puppies after famous footballers. Alexander and Mariya met this beautiful cougar in 2016.

Alexander had the opportunity to buy Messi because he has a small health problem that makes him different from other animals of his species: his size is practically half of a normal puma of his age, and therefore he could not return to his natural habitat. nor living trapped in a zoo cage. So, the couple decided to adopt him soon, because he fell in love with the pet.

Messi’s life

This cougar had to learn to live with the cat that the couple has because, like a small child, he loves to steal the attention of his ‘parents’. Even if Messi tried to have a relationship with the little six-year-old cat, she attacked him and stayed away. However, the grudge did not last long and Messi managed to win her over.

Messi has a special adaptation in the place that was destined as his room. His owners adapted a giant branch and a bed with toys for him to have fun. They bathe the cat twice a day and maintain routine walks using a breastplate, one walk in the morning and one in the afternoon. When distances are longer, the couple uses the car and the cat goes in the trunk.

The couple shared that the animal’s daily food costs approximately 10 dollars and its diet is based on a mixture of meats. This allows the cougar to get the necessary nutrients. For this, Alexander and Mariya read articles that talk about this species and consulted with experts on the subject, since taking care of Messi is a big responsibility.

This feline is a very dear companion and enjoys contact with everyone. He loves to be petted and played with, and his behavior is admirable: he doesn’t bite and doesn’t damage the furniture in the house. But of course, like any mascot, he sometimes gets up to some mischief, like shredding a roll of toilet paper.

Bonus: A unique and playful cougar

Alexander and Mariya share their funniest moments with Messi and show how affectionate the feline is through videos on a YouTube channel. The couple warns that a puma like him is a unique and completely special case, as having him as a pet under normal conditions would be lethal. In the case of Messi, who became a fundamental part of their lives, the opportunity was an exceptional situation and only occurred due to his unique characteristics.

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