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Meatballs: 16 Juicy Recipes to Try Right Now

Very tasty meatballs go well at different times of the day. The dry version is a great choice for a snack. With plenty of sauce, it goes very well with pasta. Versatile, this is the kind of dish that can conquer your taste buds. Not to mention that it can be frozen to be tasted when hunger strikes.

1. Meatballs with onion cream

To make the meatballs in this recipe you only need two ingredients: ground beef and onion cream. In a roasted version, this is a great choice for those who want to avoid fried foods. To increase them, there is also the suggestion to serve them with sugo sauce.

2. Simple meatballs

To bind ground beef, this suggestion proposes using egg and wheat flour. For the seasoning, you will need to have salt, garlic, onion and cilantro on hand. Well seasoned and with a simple step-by-step to follow, it’s really hard to resist the taste of this recipe.

3. Meatballs stuffed with cheese

Using cheese to stuff your meatballs is a great option to get an amazing flavor even without having to do a lot of work in the kitchen. For this, mozzarella was chosen. And there’s more: you still learn how to make a very juicy tomato sauce with a touch of cheese to serve as a side dish.

4. Meatballs with stuffed flour mix

If you are looking for a drier meatball, the one that is ideal to be served as a snack, this may be the perfect option. To obtain this result, two flours are combined with the ground meat: panco and breadcrumbs. In addition, egg enters the scene to combine and mozzarella as a filling. For seasoning, the tip is to use onion, garlic, salt and parsley.

5. Stuffed meatballs in the Airfryer

Without frying and without oven, the meatball in the Airfryer is ideal for those who don’t want a greasy dish that is ready in a short time. In addition, there is a great differential in this suggestion: the filling is on account of the gorgonzola cheese, which has a striking and irresistible flavor.

6. Crispy meatballs

This is a recipe that presents a contrast of textures: it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. For this, the recipe takes ground beef, milk, stale bread, water, garlic, onion, broth and pepper. Simple to do, you might be surprised at the result.

7. Meatballs in tomato sauce

In this recipe, you first learn how to make homemade tomato sauce. And that’s where the meatballs are cooked. This makes the flavor extremely juicy. Hassle free, this is an option worth trying out.

8. Meatballs in sugo sauce

If you want to make sure the meat is well cooked, this recipe can be a good option. Here, after being molded, the meatballs are sealed in a frying pan and only then go to another pan with the sugo sauce. Even so, the preparation is very practical.

9. Meatballs in sauce without frying

With a very soft texture, this is a recipe in which the meatballs are made with ground beef, breadcrumbs, wheat flour, egg, onion, garlic, salt, Bahia seasoning, green smell and black pepper. As you can see, they are very spicy! In addition, they go into the pot raw along with the sauce to be cooked.

10. Meatball Escondidinho

How about innovating in the kitchen by preparing a simple dish, but with a delicious flavor and a mouth-watering presentation? That’s the purpose of this recipe that doesn’t have much of a secret, but it can win you over. Here, you learn to assemble a dish that has the following layers: mashed potatoes, fried meatballs, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

11. Meatballs with mashed potatoes au gratin

Gratin cheese as a topping for any dish is delicious, if it has mashed potatoes, meatballs and tomato sauce, even better! In a simple way, you get an amazing meal worthy of a Sunday lunch.

12. Meatballs stuffed with 2 cheeses

If you think too little cheese is silly, this recipe might be the perfect option for you. Here, the meatballs are stuffed with mozzarella and gorgonzola. After being fried, the meatballs are still wrapped in bacon slices and covered in tomato sauce and more mozzarella.

13. Swedish meatballs

In the Swedish version, two meats are used to make the dish: pork and beef. In addition, you also check how to make a sauce with butter, wheat flour, meat broth, sour cream and Worcestershire sauce. If you want to innovate in the kitchen, this might be a good choice.

14. Light meatballs

To make the light version of the dish, the tip of this recipe is to mix the ground beef with just oat bran and seasonings. If you want, you can still replace the oat bran with oatmeal or even quinoa.

15. Pine Nut Meatballs

Very different, this is a recipe for those who want to be surprised by the taste of pine nuts. The seed doesn’t need to be eaten just plain and yields a mouth-watering result. And there’s more: this suggestion is released for vegans, see?

16. Vegan meatball

In this recipe, the base for the dish is made with zucchini, cauliflower and yams. To bind the combination of vegetables, corn starch enters the scene. But you don’t have to worry, used in the right amount doesn’t change the flavor and doesn’t even leave the meatballs dry.

Now that you’ve learned simple and more elaborate ways to prepare meatballs, why not check out creamy pasta recipes? So, you can get a delicious meal.

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