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Meanings of Equal Hours – Mysticism – This could be a SIGN!

Have you ever looked at the clock and found that the hours and minutes are the same? There are those who believe that this is just a mere coincidence and are nothing more than simple numbers. But what few know is that numbers carry a symbology with them. That is, according to mysticism, when a situation like this one happens, it can be a sign and come loaded with interpretations and advice. Therefore, knowing the meaning of equal hours it is extremely important. Like this?

When we come across the same time on the clock, whether on the cell phone, computer, subway, on the television set or anywhere else. From an astrological point of view this is a sign. Well, she believes that numbers have their own symbologies, which are full of interpretations about our lives. This is exactly why knowing the meaning of equal hours can make all the difference. In addition to helping you prepare better for what is to come.

There is no scientific proof as in numerology. This phenomenon of believing that equal hours and minutes mean something has become popular over time, mainly through social networks through the most superstitious people. Okay, let’s get to what really matters. What happens when we see the same time, according to Astrology?

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01:01 – Ideal time to start something new in your life! You know that project to take a trip, a course or even a change in the look that never left the paper? Take the opportunity to live new experiences.

02:02 – It’s time to socialize! Go out, have fun, go places you’ve never been before, talk to different people and do what makes you happy. The tip is to look for people who have the same interests as you. For, according to the meanings of the same hours, this will make you grow and live incredible experiences.

03:03 – You need to balance your energies and keep them in harmony. Whether it’s praying, singing, dancing, meditating or doing something that helps you find peace and feel good.

04:04 – Focus and organization are extremely necessary to keep your life in order. Resolve all outstanding issues without procrastinating, as they can take on much larger proportions and get out of your control. And nobody likes that, right?

05:05 – It’s time to show yourself to the world! Step out of your comfort zone and venture into the unknown. Excessive shyness is bad and ends up limiting us. Free yourself!

06:06 – Our family members are the most important people in our lives. They are the ones we should trust and respect. However, establishing a boundary between your personal life and your family is necessary. Don’t go out yet to them everything you live, think and feel. After all, we should all have our privacy and free will.

07:07 – According to meaning of equal hours this is the best time to seek wisdom. Challenge yourself and evolve your intellectual side with subjects that interest you. You only have to gain from it.

08:08 – Alert for financial life. It takes planning and self-control to spend only on necessary things. The time is ripe to fall into debt. Do everything to prevent this from happening, if necessary, seek help!

09:09 – Take plans that you put aside for some reason and put them into action again. But first, analyze if they are still your interest and if it will be worth it. Otherwise, discard them.

10:10 – Past is past and never comes back. Let go! It just carries on the learning and good memories.

11:11 – Your spirit begs for self-knowledge. It’s time to pay more attention to the spiritual plane before something undesirable happens.

12:12 – According to meaning of equal hours, this is the ideal time for meditation. It is necessary that your mental, physical and spiritual state come into balance.

13:13 – Perhaps you are a little discouraged. But don’t let this stage rise. Look for things that give you pleasure, especially for news in your life. It’s time to get out of the rut and surprise yourself.

14:14 – Your soul is overflowing with so much monotony. Leave the house and go in search of happiness! Fill your spirit with good feelings and delicious sensations.

15:15 – Who cares a lot about the opinion of others is not happy. The truth is, we will never be good enough and we will never please everyone. But what really matters is that you trust yourself and go after your goals. And the rest, let them talk.

16:16 – Ideal time for reading, resilience and silence. Put them into practice.

17:17 – Prosperity goes far beyond money. According to the meanings of equal hours, you are paying too much attention to the financial field and forgetting about the spiritual side. Do not let this happen. Remember balance is always the best option.

18:18 – Good life, it’s light life! Eliminate everything that hurts you. Things that drain our energies must be completely excluded from our lives, whether people, goals or things. Get rid of it and be happy.

19:19 – It is believed that we are all here for a reason. Seek self-knowledge and direct yourself to fulfill your mission in this life.

20:20 – Procrastination and excuses must be put aside. Focus on your goals and strive to achieve them.

21:21 – You meanings of equal hours believe that when we see this time our soul yearns to help others. Whether it’s volunteer work, a gesture, advice or any other way. Because, as simple as it is, it will surely make a difference in someone’s day.

22:22 – Are you taking care of your body and your health? Do not let them go by any means. They need attention! Go to the doctor, exercise regularly and take care of your diet.

23:23 – You can go much further than you think. Your potential is much greater than you think. Believe in yourself more! “If you want it, you can, you can”.

00:00 – Of all the meanings of equal hours, I would say this is one of the best. He says the reason his soul is here is divine. You are blessed, important and very dear. Never forget that! Enjoy and make a request and believe that it will come true.

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