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Meanings of dreaming about menstruation – Blog

Dreaming is defined as an involuntary mental activity that occurs during sleep, of which a certain memory can be retained upon waking. And that’s exactly what happens to us! We tend to have dreams of the most diverse types and even dream about menstruation.

Many women think that dream about menstruation it just means that your period is about to come or something, but it’s not quite like that! These dreams mean that good things are on the way, like a gift, good news, the achievement of a goal.

The meanings of dreaming about menstruation

To dream that menstruation did not come – Many women are scared when they dream something like that, afraid of being pregnant! On the other hand, many are happy and excited when they are trying to conceive! But this dream actually means that internally you want to clear your mind of something that is causing you to have a guilty conscience.

To dream that someone else is menstruating – This type of dream comes to tell you that you need to be careful as you may be the target of mean comments. That is, people who are close to you may be gossiping and spreading rumors about you!

dream about menstruation When you dream that you are menstruating, it means that your maternal instinct is wanting to surface or is already emerging. So if you already have the desire to get pregnant this could be a good time!

Dream about clothes stained with menstruation – Clothing that is stained in the dream symbolizes that you unconsciously want to externalize feelings and secrets that you have been repressing. That is, this type of dream represents a release.

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When a man dreams of menstruation – Men dreaming of menstruation is not so common, but when it happens this dream comes to signal a loving reconciliation or greater stability in a love relationship.

Dream about menstruation in pregnancy – Pregnant women do not menstruate, and when they dream that they are menstruating, they should pay attention to pregnancy care as they may be committing imprudence or excesses.

To dream that you menstruated and drank the blood – This type of dream signals that we are about to live a phase of personal growth or evolution, so if you have any such dreams, focus even more on your personal life!

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