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Meaning of the Moon in Taurus: emotions, sexuality and motherhood

The Moon in the Astral Map governs subjects such as feelings, origins and family, motherhood, the feminine side and what nourishes the soul. Thus, the Moon in Taurus represents, above all, stability in these areas.

In addition, the Moon plays a very important role in the Sexual Chart. Yes, both in love and sex, it helps to interpret the feelings that come instinctively.

In this article, we are going to talk about the characteristics of the Moon in Taurus and its consequences in different areas of life, such as emotions, motherhood and sexuality.

Enjoy and learn more about the Moon in the Astral Map and about the Moon in the Sexual Map.

Moon in Taurus Traits

Moon in Taurus is synonymous with someone who loves comfort and stability. Therefore, people with this placement tend to seek financial security, demonstrate love in practical gestures, and carefully care for those they love.

In addition, they are also people who enjoy life’s pleasures a lot, such as good food or that perfect night’s sleep.

However, you need to be careful with excesses. Someone with the Moon in Taurus can be very attached to things and people and have a strong need for security. Remember that balance is always key.

Moon in Taurus and the astrological houses

In this way, all these characteristics, however, can be more or less intense. That’s because the Moon in the sign of Taurus is linked to an astrological house – and each house emphasizes a group of themes in your life.

For example, a person with Moon in the 1st house is centered on what he feels and, therefore, can interpret the world according to his emotional state. Those with the Moon in the 2nd house tend to have a lot of emotional attachment to people and even objects.

Therefore, it is important to see the Astral Map as a whole and not just isolated information. To find out which house your Moon in Taurus is in, make your free Astral Map here.

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Moon in Taurus and rationality

The sign your Moon is in on the Astral Map has the important role of showing what feeds your soul. In that case, the Moon’s emotions and Taurus’ rationality must find a way to get along.

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Thus, people with the Moon in Taurus tend to be extremely dedicated, practical and rational. They like to use reason rather than emotion to solve problems.

However, care must be taken with such practicality. This characteristic combined with the love for helping others can lead those with the Moon in Taurus to resolve other people’s issues and forget about their own. So don’t forget that you have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of those you love.

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Moon in Taurus and Motherhood

Because it is linked to family issues and the feminine side, the Moon has a strong role in Maternity. The mother with Moon in Taurus tends to be very affectionate: she hugs, gives affection and has a home and a plentiful table. However, this unbalanced affectivity can make her protective and possessive.

Those with the Moon in Taurus tend to see their mother, regardless of her sign, as a stubborn and centralizing person. It is also possible that he feels evaluated by his mother according to his material success.

Another possibility is to see the mother as someone who is very present, sometimes even too much. The person feels invaded with opinions and participation in their choices. The bright side is that when this trait is controlled, there is a mother you can always count on.

If the reference we have is not positive, we can take some traumas into adult life. In this case, it is important to work on these issues to move forward. Learn how the Family Constellation can help overcome these barriers.

Feeding the Moon in Taurus

The Moon in the Astral Map is directly related to nutrition, influenced by family patterns and the relationship with the mother.

Those with Moon in Taurus tend to develop compulsions. Food can have lots of sweets, fried foods and carbohydrates.

As Taurus is a sign that is very resistant to change, you may need help with healthier habits. Because he is also known for procrastination and self-sabotage.

Therapist Solange Lima gives Aromatherapy tips to give that strength:

cocoa absolute: this oil helps to control compulsions, because it impacts on ghrelin, known as the “hunger hormone”, and helps to reduce appetite and the famous taurine gluttony, bringing more satiety.bergamot It is patchouly: they can be used together, even with cocoa absolute, also helping to control the desire for sweets and foods that give more pleasure, such as fried foods and carbohydrates.Geranium: it is an oil that helps to give courage to change, to implement new and healthier eating habits.Cinnamon: also works with change and can be included in everyday life to help the Taurine Moon open up to the new.Orange: can be used in synergy with geranium and cinnamon to enhance movement and action. The combination can help to make plans and menus with lighter and healthier foods, but that are still tasty, to please the palate and pleasure, important to Taurus.

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Learn more about the relationship between food and the Moon in the Astral Map

Moon in Taurus and Sexuality

As we said at the beginning of the text, the Moon plays an important role in the Sexual Map. Whoever has the Moon in Taurus tends to make the sexual experience very sensorial. Perfumes, oils, food and drinks: all are allies in intimacy.

Here, too, the typical confidence of Taureans appears. The person with the Moon in Taurus tends to prefer stable relationships to adventures. Consequently, there is the strong connection they make between sex and love.

The only care is not to let the feeling of ownership destabilize the relationship. If you can do this, intimate moments tend to be long-lasting and satisfying.

Take the opportunity to learn more about your Moon in the Sexual Map.

Sun, Moon and Ascendant

Sun, Moon and Ascendant of your Astral Chart are known as the Big 3 of Astrology. The signs you have on these three planets are the foundation of your personality.

Sun: I am, this is my role. Moon: I feel, this is where I come from. Ascendant: This is how I express myself, this is how people see me.

That’s why, although the entire birth chart has to be considered, if you say the Sun sign, the Moon and the Ascendant, you will be giving good clues about who you are.

Make your Astral Map for free and discover your Big 3 of Astrology

What does it mean when the Moon is in Taurus?

You know that your Astral Map shows how the sky was at the time of your birth, right? It never changes. Your Astral Map will always be the same. But there is what we call Sky of the Day, which is the daily disposition of the stars. And this reading talks with your Map, acting in your day to day.

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This point is even more relevant here because the Moon changes signs every two days or so. And since the Moon rules the emotions, this shift can play into your mood and state of mind.

But what can happen when the Moon is in Taurus?

Positive moods: security, affectivity, practicality, stability.Negative moods: laziness, stubbornness, less openness to new ideas and changes, possibility of sore throat or neck.It’s good for: eating out, pleasures, rest, dealing with practical matters, maintaining a more relaxed pace, enjoying life, buying and selling, financial affairs, beauty, strengthening bonds, celebrating marriages.Not good for: launch of news and more modern things, move social networks (unless they are affective matters), issues that need agility, rush or immediacy, trying to convince another person of a point of view that is not theirs, activities that involve discomfort (such as crowded places).Business branches: restaurants, pastry shops, pleasant places to be, bakeries, companies related to finance, relaxing massage services, spas, more traditional clothing stores, perfumery, cosmetics stores.

Understand your transits better

You can see that the sign combined with the transit of the Moon can make a difference in your day, right? That’s why it’s important to make your Personalized Horoscope. It helps you understand these combinations.

It is also worth getting to know the phases of the Moon better and what sign it will be in on a given date. For this, check out the 2022 lunar calendar.

Now that you know everything about the Moon in Taurus, how about using this information to reflect on what you are feeling? Are you happy with your emotions or does something bother you?

On , you can find several articles that can help with this issue. Count on us!

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