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Meaning of Mars in Capricorn in the birth chart: sex, love and more!

People born with the influence of Mars in Capricorn are courageous, face obstacles without fear, have a lot of determination and are down to earth. This conjunction makes its natives achieve everything they want, as they have a lot of persistence and know exactly what their goals are.

These natives also seek recognition in their actions, thus, they are people who channel energy towards the professional side. Therefore, they are very organized and have their actions all calculated to succeed at work, which is where they believe they will get their material needs.

In today’s article we will talk about various influences and characteristics that Mars brings to Capricorn. We will bring information about the meaning of Mars, its foundations, its influences in various areas of Capricorn’s life, including intimacy.

The planet Mars is well known, for being the only planet in the Solar System, reddish in color, standing out among the others. Also known as the god of war in Mythology, which also influences the characteristics carried into the field of astrology.

In this part of the text we will bring information that will help to understand the influences of this planet in the lives of its natives. We will talk about how the planet Mars is seen in Mythology, and also in Astrology.

In Roman mythology Mars is the god of war, son of Juno and Jupiter. Unlike his sister Minerva, known as the goddess of just and diplomatic war, the god Mars represents bloody, aggressive and violent wars.

The brothers were on opposite sides during the Trojan War. While Minerva commanded and sought to protect the Greeks, Mars was on the side of the Trojan armies, who ended up losing the war to the Greeks under Minerva’s command.

In Astrology, the symbol of Mars is a circle, which represents the spirit, and an arrow, which means the direction of life. This planet is directed towards specific goals, which are shown by the arrow.

Therefore, Mars in Astrology is the planet that governs willpower in people’s lives, following instincts most of the time. The mission of Mars is to supply the basic needs for the survival and perpetuation of human life.

For people born with the influence of Mars in Capricorn, they are very persevering, courageous and realistic. It’s not just any problem that prevents them from following their life plans.

In this part of the article see some information about some aspects of this planet in the Astral Chart. For example, how to find out the position of Mars in the Natal Chart, what this planet reveals in the chart, what it’s like to have Mars in Capricorn and what your Solar Return is like.

Like all planets, Mars changes its position in the Astral Chart from time to time. Therefore, to discover the position of this planet in the Astral Map of each native, it is necessary to know the date, time and place of his birth. Although the exact time is not so important for this calculation, it is necessary information for the elaboration of your map.

However, it is not only the information above that defines the positioning of Mars in the Natal Chart, there are other factors that influence its position, aspects such as the influence of other planets. Some websites calculate your Mars.

Mars in the Astral Map, brings characteristics related to the way these natives act when they are driven by their desires and goals. The influence of this planet makes people feel the urge to fight, and compete, leading them to action to overcome obstacles.

In addition, Mars also makes these people feel that rivalries are the driving force that makes them take action and motivates them to obtain their goals. When Mars is well placed in the chart, it offers its natives physical stamina, assertiveness, and ambition.

The influence of Mars in Capricorn in the Natal Map, makes people have a greater impulse to put their energy into the professional field. For them, financial stability and recognition is very important.

Another influence of Mars in Capricorn on the Astral Chart is a great ability to calculate exactly every action you need to take to achieve your goals. These people are very focused, and don’t give up until they conquer what they want.

The Solar Return of Mars in Capricorn can mean that there will be doubts or even sudden changes in the lives of these natives unexpectedly. Even these situations can lead these people to act without thinking.

Therefore, at this moment it is important to remain calm and avoid acting on impulse. Thoughtless actions can lead to serious problems and regrets. Even if there is confusion right now, try to find a solution in a calm way.

The influence of Mars in Capricorn makes these natives have much more courage, persistence and seek material stability. But she also brings countless influences into other areas of life as well.

See below what are the characteristics brought by this astral conjunction in love, friendships, family and work.

Those born with Mars in Capricorn like to create their bonds of intimacy with ease. Therefore, they will not stay long with people who like to speed up processes, and want to make the relationship grow very quickly.

In addition, these natives seek for their relationships people who are as ambitious as they are. They are not attracted to those who are lazy or even reckless, they need to feel safe with their partners.

Those who know natives with Mars in Capricorn know that despite some difficulties in reaching a closer relationship, these natives are always close to true friends.

Despite their difficulties in surrendering to a more intimate friendship, with patience and trust, it is possible to win the friendship of these natives. And they will be people you can always count on.

People with Mars in Capricorn have great affinity with their family members, these natives value the family very much. Therefore, a large part of their free time is spent on dating their loved ones.

In addition, those who are parents are very concerned about their children’s education and try to save for their future. With that, these natives are considered by friends and relatives, respectable and responsible people.

At work, natives with Mars in Capricorn can become great leaders, as they have a lot of organizational skills and assignment of tasks, even for teams with many people. However, they have some difficulty opening up the possibility for the team to give their opinions and ideas, as they believe that they have the best solutions for the company.

If Mars is poorly positioned, these natives can show a certain arrogance and a lot of ambition. In this way, they will be even more discerning and focused on calculating their actions to achieve the objectives. Thus, they may be considered materialistic and calculating by their co-workers.

These individuals also value their professional life more than their social life, as they know that to achieve their goals they need to focus and perform well-calculated actions. They are convinced that their financial success will come through their dedication to work.

Mars in Capricorn influences various sectors of these natives’ lives, interfering in their way of acting at work, in love, with family and friends.

Now we will see what are the influences of this astral conjuncture for men and women, what are the challenges faced by these natives and some tips to improve their way of living.

Men born with Mars in Capricorn use their true conditions at the time of conquest. He is not the type of person who will try to be who he is not, or to have what he does not have in order to conquer a woman.

They have a good dose of sensuality, so they know exactly how to please a woman. Another positive point of these natives is that throughout their lives they managed to accumulate a lot of experience in their sexual life. However, not everything is perfect, some of these natives can be cold and workaholics.

Natives with Mars in Capricorn are the type of women who look for a partner who is realistic. They want to have someone by their side who has goals and sees the world clearly, just like they do.

They won’t be interested in men who are the type who seem lost in life, who don’t worry about the future. Normally, these women have a much more developed sexuality and often tend to feel attracted to men who are part of the company they work for.

Unlike other women, natives with Mars in Capricorn tend to surrender to sexuality regardless of feelings. They are more connected to the body and sensuality, combining a good dose of practicality and eroticism.

One of the great challenges faced by natives with Mars in Capricorn is being able to face the image that others have of them as cold people. Therefore, they need to police themselves so they don’t spend all the time avoiding getting attached to people or jobs.

It is necessary to look at this behavior and try to understand what makes them act that way, if they are fleeing out of insecurity, or if it is a fear of situations experienced in the past. The other challenge for these natives is dealing with their extremely analytical profile, which often causes them to miss out on opportunities to be happy.

When Mars in Capricorn is in exaltation, its natives may have some more pronounced characteristics, such as stubbornness, a sense of revenge and arrogance. In this period, these people become more bossy, and do everything to impose their will. They even behave extremely selfishly, thinking only of themselves.

However, at the same time that this position of Mars in Capricorn brings this difficulty, it also brings something positive, which is a great productive capacity. At this time, it is only necessary to dose the negative influence.

In this part of the text, we will leave some tips to try to alleviate some characteristics that may cause you some discomfort.

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