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Meaning of dreaming about Xangô: see the Orisha, his ax and more!

Xangô is the Orixá of justice and rationality, being considered the creator of laws, representing the rational mind behind morals and ethics. Even though another Orisha, called Ogun, is the executor of these laws, Xangô will also be able to charge you for what you did or didn’t do.

Thus, Xangô is the Orixá that represents divine justice, characterized by the law of return. Knowing this, dreaming of this entity means that you are looking for justice or that you are in doubt about how to act in the most ethical way in a situation.

Even so, there are other meanings for dreams about Xangô, with different interpretations, if you dreamed that you saw him, that you interacted with him or with things that refer to Xangô. Keep reading the article to find out more!

When dreaming that you see Xangô, the meanings of this dream will vary according to the emotional state that this Orisha conveys, representing your thoughts, feelings and fears. Therefore, your unconscious can project the possible reaction of another person, based on what you think he interpreted from some of your actions.

Thus, it is important to understand the meaning of these dreams in which you see this Orisha, for a better understanding of your own emotions. Check out the symbolism of dreaming of an angry Xangô, smiling, crying, running away or dancing!

In the Yoruba religion, it is very rare to see Xangô angry, as this is an Orisha who ponders his decisions a lot and is extremely fair. Generally, Xangô gets angry in times of war, like in the itã, when he hits his ax on the stone, annihilating enemies with lightning.

Even so, the entity spares the prisoners and executes the commanders, noting that the soldiers were just following orders. That is, even angry, Xangô is fair.

So, dreaming of seeing Xangô angry indicates that you need to regain rationality for a decision, even if you are angry at the moment. That way, you won’t rush, which will help you make a balanced decision.

Dreaming that you see Xangô smiling means that you are going through an internal reform, either in the spiritual sphere or in relation to your personality. In this way, he is redirecting his life and is open to having fairer attitudes, working on his sense of ethics and having more coherent attitudes.

In this way, you represent the Orisha of justice as being happy, to reinforce your own behavior and encourage you to continue on a good path. Therefore, it is important to keep thoughts directed towards good and not to have the intention of harming other people.

When dreaming that you see Xangô crying, your mind reveals that you are frustrated with the attitude of someone you care about, since you thought that he acted unfairly. In this way, you feel very desolate and begin to question the integrity of the friend in question and your own relationship with him.

This paradigm shift, through the injustice that that person has committed, can make you be very strict in judging the attitudes of that individual.

But be careful not to be too rigid and exercise mercy, even if you cut off relations with that person, because every human being commits injustices and it is not up to any person to judge this, outside the limits of the law.

There is a very famous itã in which the Orisha Ogum challenges Xangô to a competition of who collects the most cowrie shells. Xangô loses this dispute, when Ogun calls his own death to scare the opponent, who runs away and leaves his bag of cowrie shells unprotected, for Ogun to take.

Based on this itã, it can be interpreted that dreaming of seeing Xangô running away means that a cycle is ending, represented by the death of some old habit. In this way, you will go through a phase in which it is important to reevaluate your behaviors, so that they are healthy and productive.

Dreaming that you see Xangô dancing reveals that this is the ideal phase to put your plans into practice, since you are in tune with Xangô’s energy. Therefore, it is also a good time to make important decisions and resolve moral or ethical dilemmas, as this is a phase where rationality predominates.

When putting these plans into practice, be cautious in their implementation, studying all the factors involved. After all, one of the most striking features of Xangô is rationality and coldness to make the best decisions.

The interaction with Xangô in a dream is always very intense, emotionally speaking, for the person who knows this Orisha. Even dreams in which this entity interacts with you are largely related to attitudes, so that you consider and perform behaviors that are ethical and help you to walk the best path.

In this way, see below the main meanings of dreams in which there is interaction between you and Xangô!

Dreaming that you incorporate Xangô means that soon you will have a merciful attitude towards someone who has committed an injustice, which does not mean that you will defend him. This attitude will require a lot of patience and rationality on your part, being a complicated mission.

Therefore, you may be against this person, but you will not commit any vengeful act towards him. This mercy will work in your favor, as per the explanation based on karma, which says that the doer gets it back.

When dreaming that Xangô punishes you, your mind shows that you committed an injustice and that you need to redeem yourself for it, giving back some good attitude to society. This attitude can be very small, like helping an elderly person to cross the street, because what counts is your intention.

In addition, it is important that you are able to identify what injustice you committed and whether it was large or small. When identifying the intensity, try to portray yourself with a good attitude commensurate with society.

The warning of an Orixá like Xangô can generate a lot of anguish for the person who had this dream. But dreaming that this divinity warns you means that you are going through a dilemma and that Xangô represents your conscience, so that you remember to take the fairest attitude.

This way, this is not a dream of reprimand and you don’t need to be nervous for dreaming of a warning from this Orisha. After all, your own reflection is the cause of this symbolic warning, not being a threat of supernatural origin.

To dream that Xangô talks to you reveals a need for support, due to great pressure for you to make an important decision. So, in the dream, you resort to the ultimate symbol of rationality and justice to resolve this issue.

Due to such an overload, it is important that you take care of your psychological health and that you avoid, when possible, submitting yourself to stressful situations during this phase of life. Thus, you will have greater rationality in the face of challenges.

Xangô’s call is the signal for you to act on the vibration of this Orisha and to work in favor of love and charity.

Therefore, dreaming of Xangô calling you indicates that you will soon have to help a close friend or relative, which will teach that person the importance of acting with righteousness and benevolence.

The herb bath is an ancient tradition that acts in favor of spiritual cleansing, being widely used in the African continent and in Brazil.

Knowing this, dreaming that Xangô gives you a herb bath means that you are undergoing a beneficial transformation in your life, with renewal and removal of negative feelings within yourself. So don’t worry about the dream warnings and enjoy.

Dreaming that Xangô is blessing you means that you are protected in the spiritual and earthly plane. In other words, there are good people and entities that walk beside you and support you.

Therefore, if you had this dream, cultivate your friendships and value the relationships you have. Express your love in gratitude for all the support.

With a more complex symbology, dreaming about things related to Xangô, in general, reveal conceptions of the world and, consequently, of self-knowledge. Because they are cultural aspects, each of these symbols is represented by different archetypes, which guide the dream interpretation.

Thus, you will understand what dreams with an offering to Xangô mean, in addition to understanding those in which there is the image, the axe, the party and the stone of that Orisha. Each of these dreams has different meanings and reveals important aspects of how you relate to the environment that surrounds you. Check out!

When dreaming that you make an offering to Xangô, your unconscious reveals that you want to choose the best path to follow and that you intend to evolve as a human being. This evolution can be applied to different spheres of life, such as relationships, work, self-love and physical and mental health.

For this, it is very important that you are willing to review previous concepts and that you do not feel attacked when someone makes constructive criticism. However, it’s important that you know when someone just wants to offend you, so that you don’t get shaken by other people’s words.

The representation of the image of Xangô refers to the desire for equality. Therefore, dreaming of an image of Xangô from this entity means that you want justice to be served and that you are tired of seeing people with bad character and who did not deserve success to have prosperity and other advantages.

But beware of wishing evil on someone, even as you claim that justice must be done. After all, Xangô’s ax cuts both ways, which indicates that the injustices committed by you will also be judged. Therefore, having mercy is a very good path to take, in most situations.

As in a famous point of this Orisha, where he cries out to the village to do justice, dreaming of Xangô’s point means that, soon, a challenge will arise and that you will have to solve it in the fairest way. Therefore, it is important that you maintain rectitude in your conduct, in order to act ethically.

The symbology of this Orisha point is directly related to the direct tune of Xangô’s vibration, with all its strength and power. In this way, if you dreamed of a point of this entity, try to connect to that energy, to be firm in your decisions and courage to do the right thing.

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