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Mary Kay Consultant: How and Why to Become a Brand Salesperson

“The first step is always the hardest: making a commitment to and for yourself. But once you’ve done that, you’ll find yourself on the right path!” This phrase attributed to Mary Kay Ash, founder of the Mary Kay cosmetics direct selling company, has certainly inspired and still inspires many women who decide to work selling the brand’s products.

It all started in 1963, when Mary Kay Ash, a visionary, enterprising and way ahead of her time, opened the doors of Beauty by Mary Kay, in Dallas, Texas. From there, the company only grew and, in 1970, it already had more than 20,000 independent consultants.

Today, the brand’s products are sold in more than 40 markets around the world and attract more and more women wanting to be part of this team.

The possibility of working with quality products already known on the market, unlimited earnings, flexible hours, significant awards and recognitions… These are the main factors that motivate many women to become independent brand consultants.

However, just like any other type of service, being a successful Mary Kay consultant requires dedication, persistence and focus. You have to participate in training, always run after new customers, create your own goals, do financial planning and much more.

Check below how to become a Mary Kay consultant, the advantages of this profession and the testimony of women who already work with the brand.

Mary Kay Consultant: How does it work?

Virtually any woman who is willing and willing to really work can become a Mary Kay consultant and make huge profits from it.

To get started, you need to associate your registration with the data of an independent Mary Kay beauty consultant.

If you already have contact with a consultant, great… With her information in hand, you can register online. In addition, she will be able to explain all the details of the job to you and give you tips for you to succeed with this new business.

If you still don’t know any independent Mary Kay consultants, you can access the brand’s website and find a professional who is as close to you as possible.

And if you know a Mary Kay consultant by name, but don’t know her specific details, you can also do a search using only her first and/or last name and the state in which she operates.

After registering, you must purchase one of the Mary Kay Starter Kits, so you can start working, presenting the products and demonstrating to your potential customers. The investment to purchase this kit is R$ 169, an amount that can be paid in cash or up to three installments on the card.

The products that come in the kit are equivalent to around R$ 400, that is: with a much lower investment, the new consultant already has the basic tools to start the work. The kit generally consists of product samples, in addition to magazines and information leaflets and the catalog with all products and prices.

Requests from independent consultants are made through Mary Kay Em Sintonia, a portal intended exclusively for the brand’s beauty consultants, using the consultant’s code and password.

How to Become a Mary Kay Consultant

Check out a detailed step-by-step guide on how to become a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant below:

  • Visit the Mary Kay website: https://www.marykay.com.br/
  • Click on “Be a Consultant” and, after reading the basic information on this page, click again on “I want to be a consultant!”;
  • If you have already talked to a Mary Kay consultant and you already have her details at hand, you should click on “I know a Beauty Consultant” and fill in the spaces with the initiator code, the unit number and your CPF (new consultant );
  • If you know a consultant but don’t know her specific details, just click on “I don’t know a Beauty Consultant” and do a search using only her name and/or surname and the state in which she works.
  • If you don’t know any consultants, you can find a professional near you through this link or by clicking on “I don’t know a Beauty Consultant”.
  • After completing your registration, purchase the Mary Kay Starter Kit, which will be delivered to your home, so you can start demonstrating and introducing the products to customers.

The procedure is simple and, in a short time, you will be able to start your work!

The benefits of investing in this opportunity

But why become a Mary Kay consultant anyway? Is it worth it? Each person will have to find their own answers, but below you can see the main advantages of this opportunity:

  1. Having your own business and knowing that “you are working and profiting for yourself”;
  2. Work with quality products, known and renowned in the market;
  3. Have flexible hours and work “without pressure”, according to your criteria and decisions;
  4. Having the possibility to always earn more, according to your dedication and planning;
  5. Participate in constant training offered by the brand, which enables professional growth and generates more motivation;
  6. Working for a serious company, considered a network of female entrepreneurship, which values ​​values ​​such as God, family and career;
  7. Get recognition and win awards (such as jewelry, travel and even the pink car, one of the biggest achievements of independent sales directors) according to their performance.

It is worth noting that many women start working as a Mary Kay consultant to earn extra income (when they already have another service) and, after a while, feel financially secure to work only with the brand.

Testimonials: What is it like to be a Mary Kay consultant?

Want to know more about this activity?! Check out what Mary Kay consultants say:

1. How to succeed in sales with Mary Kay

Gabi Magsan talks about her experience with Mary Kay and gives practical tips for those who want to be successful selling the brand’s products. She says that, for her, one of the great advantages of work is having more flexibility with hours, in addition to working and seeking profit for herself.

2. Exclusive tip for Mary Kay consultant

Bruna Santos, from Viver de Maquiagem, teaches how a Mary Kay consultant can do her financial planning – essential for the success of her work – using a simple and practical table.

3. My Mary Kay Journey

Denise Lindbeck tells in the video how she got to know Mary Kay products and why she decided to start working with the brand, giving details of her trajectory until becoming a director, and also talking a little about the values ​​proposed by the company.

The videos prove that choosing to work with a renowned brand, like Mary Kay, is a big step… But, of course, it is necessary to combine this factor with dedication and focus!

It is worth remembering that there are no miracles, but good opportunities – which can be seized with force and turned into great achievements!

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