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Marriage In Crisis? Save Your Relationship!【INFALLIBLE】

Nobody wants to go through a marriage in crisis or one crisis in a relationshipbut I need to tell you something right here at the beginning: everyone passes!

Maybe that comforts you or leaves you in greater distress, so I’ll tell you one more thing: if your relationship is strong, it won’t be a crisis that will end him!

So, to help you strengthen your relationship and prevent marital crises from coming or else, to make the crisis you’re going through go away for good, we prepared this article more than special!

Marriage in Crisis: Here’s How You Can Save Your Relationship

Why is there a marriage in crisis?

In fact, every couple has problems. Whether it’s fights, disagreements or more serious discussions. It’s normal for them to happen, after all, they’re two different people with different thoughts, so it’s rare that you always agree on everything.

But when we talk about relationship or marriage crisis, we are talking about something more serious. The disagreement jumped a level and the relationship was shaken.

Either you haven’t spoken to each other, or you’re not sleeping together, or you can’t even look at each other anymore – a more delicate situation.

According to experts, the couple’s relationship has cycles and these are often marked by crises. The best known crises are one year and seven years.

According to psychologists and relationship scholars, crises are linked to psychological and behavioral factors. In addition, they are closely related to issues surrounding the family nucleus, which is closely linked to children.

This is because the growth of children affects the behavior of the mother and father, often differently. “The couple is one way until they have children, then it becomes another”, who has never heard that phrase?

However, this does not mean that couples without children, on the contrary, when both give themselves to motherhood and fatherhood, the children unite the couple. Furthermore, problems can come from other causes such as when they are linked to individuality or “lack of freedom” and loneliness.

But it’s important to keep in mind that whenever you find yourself in a delicate situation in your relationship, seek help! THE Spiritual Help It is a great ally in these situations.

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Let’s get to know how marital crises occur and the most common reasons:

One-year crisis marriage

After the wedding comes the honeymoon and we usually say that it lasts practically a year. The couple is getting to know each other, the flame of passion is still lit.

However, after this period, often, there is no more news and the day-to-day can end up falling into routine.

In addition, the expectations of one in relation to the other and in relation to the marriage itself, can be frustrated.

Different plans begin to emerge and that’s where the crisis can come. According to statistics from Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)18% of couples divorce after being together for 1 year.

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Marriage in crisis of seven years

According to the IBGE, most divorces (21%) occur between the fifth and ninth year of marriage. In other words, we can really understand that some couples go into crisis around the age of 7 and, unfortunately, cannot go through it together.

Much of this moment can be explained by the fall from the flame of passion. The relationship takes a turn for the worse, which is only natural since it’s changing levels.

But, many do not understand this phase shift from infatuation to love, and this is where the relationship goes into crisis.

It is at this stage that, often, the dreaded betrayals occur. As there is not that fire that existed between the couple, you try to find that feeling outside the marriage, what a big mistake!

In addition to jeopardizing the relationship, this search will be for something that will satisfy only momentarilybecause as we said, relationships go through cycles.

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Crisis in marriage during pregnancy

This other moment of crisis is quite common. We even made a specific content on the subject. In any case, know that it is possible to rescue your marriage, even in the event of a marriage crisis during pregnancy!

Couple in crisis: My marriage is in crisis, what do I do?

First, identify what is causing the crisis in your relationship and then change what needs to be changed. Know that you can rescue a marriage in crisis. Just knowing what to do to save the marriage. The first step you have already taken, which is to look for tips on how to save your marriage.

Anyway, know that there is no magic solution on how to save a relationship in crisis. But you can always count on the support of people close to you and even the Spiritual Plane.

Here’s How To Save Your Marriage After A Disappointment!

How to end the crisis in marriage? How to face a crisis in marriage?

You may be wondering, how to deal with the crisis in marriage, how to solve it, what to do, among other things. Know that as difficult as it may seem, a crisis can be resolved.

The guidance we can give you is that you have patience, pray for marriage crisis, ask for help and schedule your Spiritual Consultation.

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How to save a marriage in crisis? What can I do to save my marriage in crisis?

You need to focus on finding the solution to the problem and follow some steps, for example:

Don’t be thinking about separation

First of all, a marriage in crisis will not resolve itself if you keep thinking about separation! It’s critical to get that word out of your headgiven that thought has power and the more you think and talk about it, the more you will attract!

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Keep the respect

As we have already said, it is a big mistake to try to resolve the situation outside of marriage. Partying and going to bars alone won’t solve the problem, let alone cheating! Therefore, it is very important that respect is maintainedespecially in words and conversations.

no accusations

Pointing the finger at the other as the cause of the problem won’t solve anything either! As we said, it is important to dig up evil by the root and not find a culprit for evil. Focus on finding a solution to solve your problem and not finding a culprit.

See what you can be better at

This task is yours alone. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see where you can improve. What have you been doing, but wouldn’t want the other to do to you? Make a list and put your changes as a goal!

Do Couple Therapy

Demand for couples therapy has increased significantly, and they can help. It’s far more worth saving a relationship than simply putting all the years together in the trash and starting all over again.

as we speak, the relationship is made of cycles, what you live today, you will live again with someone else. Of course, not everyone is the same, but the phase will occur, so, since you know that, it is you who needs to take the reins of the relationship and guide it to the bad phase to pass as soon as possible.

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Do a Spiritual Work for a Crisis Marriage

through a Spiritual Consultation you will be able to know if the problem you are facing has a spiritual origin. A Spiritual Work of Loving Union or mooring will help strengthen the relationship.

Contrary to what many believe, a Spiritual Work does no harm to the couple when performed with White Magic, on the contrary, it only does good: it brings union, affection, respect and fidelity. That is one METHOD INFALLIBLE for couples who still love each other!

Marriage in crisis: ways to save the relationship

Where can I do Spiritual Work for my marriage in crisis?

Maicon Paiva has been a Spiritualist for over 15 years and Specialist in the union of couples, in relationships. He is founder of a space for spiritual help located in São Paulo.

If you’re not from São Paulo, there’s no problem because he also offers online services.

You can schedule your Spiritual Consultation and thus carry out your Spiritual Work to save your marriage in crisis through the Whatsapp.

Any questions just ask, we will be happy to answer them!

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