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Marcielly Netto is a victim of violence against women in football

This past Sunday (10), the coach of Desportiva, Rafael Soriano, attacks the assistant referee Marcielly Netto during the break of the match against Nova Venécia. The aggression happened after referee Arthur Gomes Rabelo ended the first half of the game, before Rafael’s team took a corner. The coach decides to take satisfaction with the referee and, when he receives a yellow card, he headbutts Marcielly Netto, 29 years old.

Check out pictures of the event:

The coach of Desportiva Ferroviária (ES) has just ATTACKED the referee’s assistant for the quarter-finals of the Espírito Santo championship. I hope that the STJD and the @CBF_Futebol apply the banishment of this bandit, who must answer in common justice. pic.twitter.com/iJ6ZpnQNPW

— Cláudio André 📊🇧🇷🚩 (@claudioandre_) April 10, 2022

The coach leaves the field after aggression, complaining. However, he denies having headbutted Netto and challenged her to file a police report. In an interview with TV Cultura, he makes a speech directed to the little flag: “If you say I attacked you, we’ll go to the police station. Let’s make a crime, otherwise I’ll sue you”. He continues: “She went to push the players and now she wants to say that she was attacked. She is trying to take advantage of a situation because she is a woman. I didn’t touch her, if I did, she’ll prove it to the police station”.

On Monday (11), the little flag comments about the case on his Instagram and says he has already registered the police report. “I hope it doesn’t go unpunished and that justice is done.” Check out:

Netto claims to have gone through situations of machismo and harassment, but he had never been a victim of physical aggression until now. The assistant also comments on the need not to tolerate this type of situation and highlighted the need for punishment in cases such as last Sunday.

Will there be punishment?

On the official Instagram profile, Desportiva Ferroviária publishes a note of repudiation and informs Soriano’s dismissal. He also points out that he does not condone any form of violence and that he is available for further clarification. Look:

Violence against women in sports

It is still common to witness cases of violence and machismo in football. In March 2022, the player of Barcelona and the Brazilian team, Gio Queiroz, published an open letter to the president of the Spanish club, denouncing the moral and psychological abuse she suffered during her years in the team.

Also in March of this year, a supporter was harassed in the stands of the Marizão Stadium in the match between the club from Paraíba and Goiás for the Copa do Brasil. The fan commented that she screamed the name of the player, Souza, who had promised a shirt from the Goiás club and a boy, who was behind her, started screaming saying that she didn’t understand football and should be quiet.

A survey carried out by the Diário de Pernambuco points to the presence of women in the technical area of ​​football. Of the 243 main referees present at the CBF, only 17 are women, that is, a total of 7%. The number of assistants is slightly higher. Of the total of 335 assistants, 64 are women, a percentage of 19%.

The representation of women inside and outside the courts is still barely visible and violence does not help with inclusion. Every day, women are forced to face machismo and violence within the sport, seeking gender equity.

The stigma that sport is not for women is still strong, but names of players like Marta and Formiga play a big role in bringing more visibility to women in football.

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