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Maleficent Makeup: tutorials and photos to copy right now

Maleficent’s makeup is pure success: extremely marked contour, smoky eyeshadow and red lipstick. A successful combo, isn’t it? If you are thinking about reproducing the make-up of this darling villain, you’ve come to the right place! Below, you can find tutorials and also inspiration photos.

How to do Maleficent’s makeup: 4 tutorials to put into practice

Want to learn how to do Maleficent’s makeup following a detailed step-by-step guide? Then check out the following proposals:

Easy Maleficent Makeup

If you are not that skilled with makeup and are looking for an easy step by step, this may be the ideal production. The result is a clean make, but that reminds a lot of the character.

Maleficent Halloween Makeup

In this video, you can see how to make a makeup inspired by Maleficent, but with a darker touch. That makes this a great proposal for Halloween!

Maleficent Makeup for Carnival

With a marked contour and red lips, this video follows Maleficent’s makeup proposal. The difference is in a touch of yellow in the eyes, which gives a more carnival look to the make-up.

Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent Makeup

This is a more discreet proposal and easier to reproduce at home. Even so, you learn to make the characteristic contours, as well as the colors used in Angelina Jolie’s makeup.

Did you see just how many video options to copy? After choosing your favorite, just start practicing your makeup to get a wonderful result!

15 Maleficent makeup photos to get inspired

Now, how about seeing pictures of makeup inspired by the villain that will help you when adopting this look? There are more discreet options and others that are very striking. Check out!

1. The highlight of this make-up is in Maleficent’s contour

2. But it’s also worth paying attention to the color of the lips

3. And even unite the two previous proposals

4. Green contact lenses also help to close the look

5. And if you want a Maleficent makeup for Halloween

6. There are several options for copying

7. Like this one with Maleficent turning into a dragon

8. Now for a Maleficent Carnival makeup

9. It’s worth betting on glitter

10. And even use more vibrant colors

11. If you want an Angelina Jolie Maleficent makeup

12. All these photos are good options for inspiration

13. And they guarantee a successful make-up

14. So how about starting to practice?

15. Then, just rock the look!

Depending on the makeup option chosen, you can rock Carnival, Halloween or even a night out! And if you want more different makeup options, also check out these Halloween makeups.

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