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Makeup sponge: learn how to use the favorite item of the moment

The world of beauty is always being reinvented with new trends and products constantly being launched. The famous makeup sponge, for example, is super trendy and is in high demand among professional makeup artists – and also among women who do that basic makeup for everyday life.

It is great for giving a more beautiful and natural finish to the skin during its preparation. If you are interested in buying one, first learn more about the main models on the market:

5 makeup sponge models for you to buy

Who remembers the classic Beauty Blender? Since it appeared in stores, this makeup sponge has been popular with women for its practicality and efficiency. The price, however, was and remains steep to this day. That’s when national brands decided to invest in their own products, which by the way are of great quality. Below you can see 5 sponges from different brands to invest in:

  1. Sponge Facial Drop, at Quem Said, Berenice?
  2. “It gets wet in the right amount, it’s not that soaked sponge but it manages to fulfill what it promises to make the foundation softer.” – Amanda Majczak

  3. Mariana Saad Makeup Sponge By Océane Flat Blend, on Beauty on the Web
  4. “With the straight foundation I can apply foundation all over the face and with the tip I can reach the corners of the face and finish the concealer, the corners of the eyes and nose.” – Naiady Souza

  5. Makeup Sponge Make Up 360° Belliz, at Época Cosméticos
  6. “Super-soft, it has the side of applying the foundation and the pointy part for concealer, creating the reach to the smallest places of the face” – Bianca Andrade

  7. Makeup Sponge RK By Kiss Oval Teardrop, at Zattini
  8. “This sponge gives a homogeneous and beautiful finish. You use your chubby butt to spread the foundation by tapping, while the sides are nice for blending. The fine tip is for smaller areas, such as dark circles, sides of the nose, etc.” – Marina Smith

  9. Miracle Complexion Real Techniques Makeup Sponge, at Extra
  10. “As for the material, I dare say it’s the same as the Beauty Blender. It is very soft, has a velvety touch and wet, it also doubles in size.” – Evelyn Scapin

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With an ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the hand, the makeup sponge is a great investment to make your routine even more functional. It is worth remembering that it can vary from brand to brand, differing in size, material, texture, etc. See more details in the product descriptions and choose the best model for you!

What is the makeup sponge for?

The makeup sponge is basically used to apply foundation or concealer. “It helps people who have no practice and who often, when using brushes to apply the products, end up leaving that cracked effect due to the accumulation of product in a single region. The main function of the sponge is to allow the product to be applied more evenly, resulting in a thinner layer on the skin”, explains Priscila Monteiro, make-up artist at Allummê by Wesley Nóbrega.

Check out more about the main questions about the use of the sponge:

  • How to choose the right sponge?: Cristiano Vianna, hair stylist at Jacques Janine Moema, says that the egg-shaped sponge is the ideal choice, as it has a thicker and flatter side that is used for large areas of the face, while the thinner part is used to apply concealer in narrower areas.
  • What is the difference in the finish of the makeup done with the sponge and the brush?: The difference, according to Cristiano, is a more polished skin, without brush markings and with a uniform finish.
  • What is the hygiene care with the makeup sponge?: Priscila makes an important caveat about cleaning the sponge, which must be washed in cold water using neutral soap. After rubbing it until it foams, remove the excess with a paper towel and repeat the procedure until the sponge is clean.
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If after a long time of use you notice that the sponge is worn out and has tears, it is time to replace it with another one. In addition to not giving the expected result in make up, the item can contain accumulation of bacteria that should stay well away from your face.

Makeup sponge: how to use

  1. First, separate the amount of foundation/concealer to be used in a smooth container, as it facilitates the removal of the product with the sponge;
  2. Moisten the sponge so that it does not absorb the foundation/concealer so much, thus improving the product’s slip on the skin;
  3. Then, lightly remove the base/concealer from the container with the sponge. It is worth remembering that it is not recommended to remove a large amount at once, as this action makes it difficult to apply the product evenly on the skin;
  4. With the help of the sponge, apply the foundation or concealer giving light taps to ensure better fixation on the skin.

The sponge can also be used to make contour markings using circular movements, and can easily replace the brush. As for the final finish on the skin, it all depends on what result you want. But in the case of giving greater coverage to the areas below the eyes and punctual blemishes, for example, the sponge is the best bet.

Tips for using the makeup sponge

Handling the makeup sponge is very simple, but for those who are not familiar with the product it can seem complicated at first. To learn, check out the valuable tips from bloggers in the videos below:

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How to use sponge in skin preparation

Wetting the makeup sponge and handling it by tapping are Mari Saad’s main tips to achieve a skin with a lush and perfect finish.

mini sponges for eyes

Rita de Cássia presents the advantages of the mini-sponge for the eyes, ideal product to reach the region with precision when applying the concealer.

The best national sponges

If you’re not sure which sponge to buy, check out Karen Bachini’s opinions on the best national sponges, with tips on formats, materials and prices.

How to wash makeup sponge

Camila Coelho teaches a very easy way to clean your sponge, removing all traces of makeup products and leaving it looking like new!

How to prolong sponge life

In the video, Linda Kramer gives guidelines on how to make your makeup sponge last longer, preventing it from tearing or mildew quickly.

The makeup sponge has arrived to bring more practicality to women’s daily lives, as it ensures a quick skin preparation and an impeccable finish. Now that you know how to handle it, your make-up routine will surely be complete and even more functional!

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