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Macarons: 14 delicious and melt-in-your-mouth recipes

How about bringing a little bit of France to your home? You don’t even need a passport: let’s travel through cooking! Today is the day to learn more about macaron.

For those who don’t know, it’s a very delicate French cookie and impressive lightness. It’s cute and can have several colors, but don’t go thinking it’s super simple to make.

The preparation of macaron requires some care. One thing you need to watch out for, for example, is the meringue stitch. He needs to be pretty steady. You also need to pay attention to the amount of dye used. If you go too far, the dough may be too wet.

Your first macarons may not be exactly perfect. It’s part. What we can say is that the effort is worth it. After all, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward! Check out the macaron recipe suggestions below, choose your favorite and take a chance today!

Simple macaroni recipes

1. Lemon Macaron: Before starting this recipe, check the weather. That’s right! If the weather is humid, the oven temperature should be lower. The macaron filling is the easiest part to make. As for the dough, follow the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes.

2. Raspberry Macaron: To prepare this macaron it is important that all the ingredients are at room temperature. You also need a special item, powdered sugar, a mixture of icing sugar and cornstarch. It can be found at specialty confectionery stores.

3. Chocolate macaron: macarons are not made only from fruit. This option here is chocolate and has cocoa powder in the ingredients list. Almond flour, another ingredient in the recipe, can be prepared at home. Just peel the almonds, process and sieve.

4. Lemon or Strawberry Macaron: Forget the cups and spoons. A good tip for getting the macaron right is to obey every gram specified in the ingredients list. In other words, weigh everything! In the case of 100 g of egg white, it is the equivalent of 6 or 8 eggs.

5. Dulce de leche macaron or chocolate ganache: when making the macarons, add whatever filling you prefer. Maybe a touch of dulce de leche or a very creamy ganache, made with chocolate and cream? In addition to the different fillings, in this version the dough uses pistachio flour.

6. Nutella Macaron: One more trick to a successful macaron is to make sure the almond flour is very thin. If you already bought it ready-made, pass it in the processor before starting the recipe. When it comes to French cuisine, precision matters.

7. Vegan macaron: what to use to replace macaron egg whites? Aquafaba! For those who don’t know, it’s the liquid from the cooking of some legumes, such as chickpeas or white beans. In addition to not having anything of animal origin, this recipe also reuses what would normally be discarded. How not to love?

Special macaron recipes

8. Cherry Truffle Chocolate Macaron: Have you mastered the art of the simplest macarons? It’s time to level up. How about an elaborate truffle filling? To prepare it, you will need semisweet chocolate, fresh cream, honey, unsalted butter, cherries in syrup and any spirit of your choice.

9. Fig and raspberry macaron: in addition to having a unique flavor, this macaron is a great idea to serve on Halloween in the shape of a spider. Use purple food coloring for the cookie and raspberry candy to create the legs. Children will love it.

10. Orange Ginger Macaron: Another fun idea, whether for a themed party or Halloween decor, is to make macarons in the shape of pumpkins. Using imagination and different colors of gel coloring, it is possible to create creative and charming candies!

11. Chocolate macaron with passion fruit and mango: a series of steps separate you from this delight. In addition to the chocolate macaron, it is necessary to prepare a dark chocolate ganache, a white chocolate ganache and a passion fruit and mango gelatin. Ideally, the macaron should be kept in the fridge for 24 hours before serving.

12. Cream cheese macaron with strawberry: the differential of the French classic in this version is the filling made with pureed strawberries (or other red fruits) and cream cheese. For the dough, use egg whites, granulated sugar, icing sugar and almond flour.

13. Caipirinha macaron: when Brazil meets France, the result could not be different. Give samba! The caipirinha-flavored macaron has green and yellow food coloring, as well as a filling made with white chocolate, cream, lemon and, of course, cachaça!

14. Chocolate Vanilla Macaron: If you’re feeling confident in the kitchen, you can take a chance and try using different ingredients in the recipe. In the case of this suggestion here, refined sugar was used (beat in the mixer to get very fine). The filling used was the traditional chocolate ganache, which is always a good idea for desserts.

Did you find it complicated? Do not worry. Remember that even the best bakers started somewhere, between successes and mistakes. And if all else fails, at least you’ll have sweet cooking stories to tell! 😉

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