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MAC lipstick: incredible textures and colors to enhance your lips

If you don’t already have a MAC lipstick (or several), you probably know someone who does, or at least you’ve heard about them. The brand’s success is indisputable in Brazil and its lipsticks are its flagship in the cosmetics market. They are colors and finishes that adorn and make women feel more beautiful and confident.

The product is the darling of many celebrities and bloggers, being always praised for its durability and its differentiated effect. The diversity of colors is also another attraction of MAC lipsticks, which have shades for all tastes and styles.

To get to know lipsticks better and make your life easier when choosing which one you want to buy, here’s a manual with several tips about lipsticks, where to buy them and the colors that are most successful among Brazilian women.

types of finishes

MAC lipsticks are well known for their finishes. The brand was one of the first to launch lipsticks with a matte finish that creates a shine-free texture. But it’s not just matte lipsticks that the brand’s finishes are all about.

Check out what these finishes are and what they promise below:


The most desirable of finishes provides a completely opaque, shine-free coverage. Its durability and its pigmentation are quite high. However, because of their finish, matte lipsticks are difficult to apply, not slipping on the mouth so easily.

Main colors: Russian Red, Heroine, Diva and Please Me.

retro matte

The Retro Matte finish follows the matte line, with matte lipsticks, long lasting and great pigmentation. However, the retro matte line has a disadvantage compared to the previous line, as it is even more opaque and velvety, making the process of applying the lipstick even more difficult.

Main colors: Ruby Woo and Flat Out Fabulous.


For those who like lipstick without too much shine, but also not too matte, the satin finish is recommended. It has great pigmentation and has a light touch of hydration, which facilitates its application.

Main colors: Rebel, Snob and Pink Nouveau.

Amplified Cream

Amplified is one of the brand’s powerful finishes, it is very creamy and has good pigmentation. Therefore, for women who are looking for a brighter lipstick with an explosion of color, without a doubt, this is the most suitable.

Main colors: Girl About The Town, Up The Amp and Saint Germain.


The Cremesheen finish gives women a lipstick with a light gloss texture. They do not have great pigmentation and, therefore, are more associated with gloss. However, they are quite creamy and offer great hydration to the lips.

Main color: Pure Zen.


Frost is a finish with a lot of pearly shine. Its pigmentation is medium and has good durability. It differs from gloss for having a drier appearance in the mouth.

Main color: Angel.


For those who want a wet looking finish, the Luster is a good reference. It is very similar to the gloss, being the color not too intense, and leaving the lips well hydrated. A great option for everyday life for just adding a touch of color in the good.

Main color: Hug Me.

Other MAC lipstick finishes

MAC does not stop investing in differentiated finishes that transform the way lipstick is used. See below some of the other finishes offered by the brand:

1. Glaze: it is very similar to the luster finish, but with less gloss effect. Main color: Hue.

2. Pro Longwear Lipcreme: from MAC’s long-lasting line, Pro Longwear Lipcreme is a creamy finish that promises to last 12 hours in the mouth. Suggested colors: Love Forever!, Perpetual Flame, Unlimited.

3. Pro Longwear Lipcolour: it differs from lipcreme in that it is necessary to apply two lipsticks to ensure durability – one with color and the other colorless. Suggested colors: Lasting Lust, Passion Preserved, Clingpeach.

4. Sheen Supreme: guarantees a silky texture to the lips and is also very close to gloss, but its texture is not sticky. It has two versions: Frost which is more sparkling and Cream which has a soft shine. Suggested colors: Bare Again, Behave Yourself, Full Speed.

5. Mineralize Lipstick: belonging to MAC’s mineral line, it has 77 minerals in its formula that, in addition to adding color to your lips, guarantees nutrition and hydration for much longer. Its finish is similar to Amplified, with moderate shine. Main color: Luxe Naturale.

MAC’s most loved colors and similar national ones

In the gallery below you can see the main lipstick colors most used by bloggers and Brazilian celebrities. They are shades like nude, pink, purple and red, all quite traditional and that match with various skin tones.

For those who don’t want to spend R$66 buying a MAC lipstick, some national lipsticks were selected that are very similar to the brand’s colors, but have a more affordable cost, in addition to being easy to find in cosmetics stores throughout Brazil.

Where to buy MAC lipsticks?

A few years ago it was very difficult to acquire any MAC product here in Brazil, but with the arrival of the brand and other stores that sell imported cosmetics, the task has become much easier. Whether buying in person or online, the options are many.

MAC has stores in the main cities of Brazil, offering a good variety of colors and finishes for those who want to buy and test the lipstick in person. There are also branded stores in some Brazilian airports, but these stands are often only accessible to those traveling internationally.

For those who prefer to buy lipsticks in the comfort of their own home, MAC also has a virtual store with a good variety of products. Another reliable online shopping option is Sephora, which also brings the entire brand’s catalog to its website.

Both at the MAC store and at Sephora, the price is R$66 for the traditional lipstick, however, at the MAC store the installment is up to three installments, at Sephora the purchase can be paid in up to six installments.

There is also the option to buy the product when traveling abroad. At the MAC store in the USA, the lipstick is sold at US$16, which is cheaper than the price in Brazil. Another possibility is to buy at duty-free shops that offer interesting prices, but often there is not so much variety in color and finish.

Back to MAC: the reason to keep your bottle

Thinking about helping the environment and reducing the production of waste, MAC developed a package exchange program called “Back to MAC”. The idea is to take six empty packages of some product from the brand and exchange it for a lipstick or an eyeshadow from the brand’s regular line.

Not all products are accepted, it is necessary that it has plastic in the composition. Base glasses, brushes, some other accessories such as scissors and sharpener are not part of the exchange program and are not accepted.

Products such as lipstick, blush, eyeshadows, powder, among others are accepted. To facilitate identification, the boxes of these products say “Back 2 MAC” indicating that they are part of the exchange program.

To make the exchange, just visit a physical store of the brand and deliver the six packages of the products. Then, just choose which product you want to take and make the exchange without having to pay for it.

Bloggers’ favorite lipsticks

In the videos below, Brazilian bloggers show their collections and their favorite MAC lipsticks:

Nina Secrets

Beca Brait

Claudia Stoco

Isabela Mascarenhas

The most beautiful makeup with MAC lipsticks

Check out the most beautiful makeup that Brazilian bloggers did using MAC’s famous lipsticks and get inspired to create incredible looks with yours:

Pink Makeup by Vic Ceridono

Makeup by Bruna Marquezine by Camila Coelho

60s Makeup by Karen Bachini

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