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Lymphatic drainage: all about the technique that eliminates cellulite and swelling

Lymphatic drainage is known for its power to reduce fluid retention in the body, but it is much more than that! This aesthetic procedure has several positive points for our internal and also external health. Plus, it’s perfect for relaxing, after all, everyone deserves 40 minutes of tranquility once a week, right?

To help us learn more about this treatment, we invited the beautician, graduated from Unipar, Bruna Inácio. Keep reading!

What is lymphatic drainage?

According to Bruna, lymphatic drainage is a massage technique with gentle and slow maneuvers, which acts on the lymphatic system, increasing the absorption of lymph.

The movements carry the lymph to the lymph nodes and later to the bloodstream. As a result, we see our body gradually deflate, eliminating all the fluid we absorb unnecessarily.

This aesthetic procedure is widely used in the post-surgical period of procedures, such as liposculpture, to speed up the elimination of swelling and improve the final result. Do you still have any doubts? See the next topic!

Frequently asked questions about lymphatic drainage

If you have been interested in lymphatic drainage, you can resolve some doubts here before looking for a massage therapist, physical therapist or beautician to perform the procedure. Check out the tips from expert Bruna Inácio below:

1. For whom is lymphatic drainage indicated?

Bruna Inácio indicates drainage for those who want to eliminate impurities rejected by the body’s cells, improving their immune role and also reducing unnecessary fluid retention.

2. How does drainage work?

In short, the maneuvers increase the speed of lymph, filtration and absorption of blood capillaries, the amount of lymph processed in the lymph nodes and interstitial motricity, therefore, it helps in the internal health of your body.

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3. What are the goals of lymphatic drainage?

Bruna explains that drainage plays a great immunological role, as it acts on the smooth muscles of the lymphatic capillaries, on the skeletal muscles and directly influences the nervous system.

4. How long does a draining session take?

A session takes between 30 and 40 minutes, with slow, rhythmic movements.

5. What are the contraindications of manual lymphatic drainage?

According to the beautician, this procedure is not indicated for people with malignant tumors and who have tuberculosis, as it directly affects the lymph nodes.

With the clearer procedure, one question still remains: what are the benefits of lymphatic drainage?

Benefits of lymphatic drainage

The time has come to demystify drainage once and for all and understand that it is more than just aesthetics. The benefits are:

  • Detoxification of the organism;
  • Activation of the immune system;
  • Elimination of accumulated liquids;
  • Elimination of bodily pain;
  • Cellulite treatment;
  • Relief of post-surgical bruising.

Simply put, lymphatic drainage helps at almost all times. In addition, it is a relaxing procedure, which helps to release physical tensions.

Lymphatic drainage in pregnant women

Lymphatic drainage is recommended for pregnant women and indicated from the third month of pregnancy. However, according to Bruna Inácio, it is important that the pregnant woman has medical monitoring throughout her pregnancy.

If the woman has diseases in the lymphatic system or hypertension, she is prohibited from performing drainage. Therefore, it is necessary to keep routine exams up to date so that there is no risk of the procedure affecting pregnancy.

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Knowing the indications and contraindications, it is easy to choose this treatment or not. Don’t forget that every aesthetic procedure causes changes in the body and therefore it must be done by qualified and prepared professionals.

If you love investing in these self-care treatments, also read about massage therapy and cryofrequency!

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