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Love quotes

Love doesn’t need to be explained, just lived. And I love living it with you!

Sharing life with you has been wonderful. If it’s a dream, I don’t ever want to wake up again!

With you, love is light and uncomplicated. How lucky I am to have the best companion in the world!

Love is not just kissing and making out. Love is care, it’s affection and also friendship.

When you hold me, the world spins slowly.


Because of you, my life today is filled with love!

I would still choose you, even with all the options on the planet.

You are a wonderful partner and I am grateful to share my life with you.

You were the best choice I ever made in my life.

That’s what love is: it’s a partnership on sunny days and also in difficult times.

We were made for each other. And that’s why our love only grows and strengthens every day.

For me, eternity was inside your embrace.

I’ve never been more right than when I told you YES. Love you!

When I’m with you, I’m in the arms of peace.


God was very generous to me when he gave me such a loving partner. Our love is forever!

Of all the crazy people in the world I wanted you, because your crazy looks a little like mine.

Clarice Falcão

Every detail of yours makes me love you even more.

Love is a word that means a lot, but not half of what I feel for you.

If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say: I love you!

There’s a piece of you in everything I do.

imagine Dragons

I won’t let our love fall into routine, my eternal boyfriend!

When I think about everything I want for the future, you are there first.

A little life is close to the love I want to live by your side.

I will protect you, I will make you smile, I will understand you, I will listen to you. I will be with you at all times!

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