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Long skirt with cropped: get inspired by 50 stylish combinations

When we think about the combination of a crop top with a long skirt, it is difficult to imagine a single look style, since the versatility of this wedding can suit sophisticated proposals, such as a social party, to something more casual, such as a walk on the coast or a family meeting. . Often the same pieces are easily used on both occasions — just swap out shoes and accessories and a new production is promptly created.

And since we are talking about such a functional combination, how about checking out 50 beautiful inspirations for cropped with long skirt in its most varied styles?

Long skirt with cropped for parties

Whether it’s a graduation, wedding, company party or a night out, the cropped skirt will be the perfect combination for you who want to leave the house feeling beautiful, elegant and fashionista. Take a look at the genius ideas from the following list:

1. The long skirt with cropped is the ideal option to shine at graduation

2. Or at that amazing beach party

3. The long skirt set with cropped leaves the look very sophisticated

4. Who said short girls can’t wear a long skirt with a crop top?

5. And with a little jump, the silhouette is still elongated

6. The rift also helps in this quest

7. For special occasions, how about a lace crop top?

8. And you can still abuse transparency a little

9. The skirt all worked in the shine gives quite a glamor to the composition

10. But if you prefer a smaller dose of shine, bet on a belt

11. Or in some embroidered stones, as in this look

12. The black cropped is that joker that everyone can have in their closet

13. While the clutch will always be a good company

14. You can create a hi-lo look for that clubbing party

15. Or create a monochromatic composition for a more elegant proposal

16. The long skirt with flowery cropped is a good option for daytime weddings

17. While this pleated skirt also makes a hi-lo with the white cropped for the firm’s party

18. In this look, the white cropped was embroidered with black stones

19. Is the party on the beach? What do you think about investing in a very fresh proposal?

20. The long skirt with slit has just the right amount of sensuality

21. The long pleated skirt with cropped gypsy is just a charm

22. Sometimes you just need a neat print

23. When glamor asks for shine and a tight fit

24. For a simple look, a heel makes all the difference

25. The red set is a good alternative for wedding guests

For special events like these, the ideal is to bet on accessories and shoes that enhance the look even more. You can bet that you will have a powerful result!

Long skirt with cropped in casual looks

A crop top with a long skirt can be the perfect way to go for a fresh look for the summer, but also the ideal combination for colder days, with a funky coat and a charming boot. Below you will find very creative casual options with both pieces, always guaranteeing a lot of style and sophistication:

26. It’s nothing a tight-fitting t-shirt can’t handle

27. The white crop top matches everything and will always be a trend

28. You can bet on different textures to create a very modern look

29. Or in very contemporary asymmetrical cuts

30. Pieces with warm colors make summer fun

31. As well as animal prints

32. Want something more traditional than a crop top with a long crochet skirt?

33. Capriche in the sandal to show off your front slit skirt

34. See what an incredible marriage that coral and white is

35. Abuse accessories to upgrade the composition

36. Of course, a red lipstick also serves this mission very well

37. You can still turn that women’s shirt into a bold crop top

38. How about a cropped sweatshirt?

39. The crop top with a long skirt can also be a very fresh proposal

40. That suits all styles

41. And this mix of prints? Didn’t it look amazing?

42. For the pool, a long transparent skirt to finish off the production

43. Just like your patterned long skirt

44. The comfy look is functional for different occasions

45. This look is perfect for festivals

46. ​​Incredible combination in the look of a long skirt with a plus size cropped

47. The wide belt marking the waist is a masterpiece and still enhances the silhouette

48. For a modern look, bet on a denim skirt

49. The straw bag completed the fresh look

After checking out these inspirations, can you imagine how many looks you can produce with the croppeds and long skirts you have at home?

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