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Loafers for all styles and occasions

Fashion has never been so democratic and more and more style references are mixed between genres. Soft colors and prints fill the men’s wardrobe just as traditionally masculine pieces are incorporated into the women’s wardrobe free from any restrictions. An example? The moccasin! He who has always been a shoe used for generations, came back with everything in recent seasons and this time in the most varied models that will please all styles.

Originally male, the moccasin was created around the year 1600 by Native Americans who had the need to protect their feet in their crusades and hunts without losing sensitivity to the ground.

Hundreds of years later, the model gained strength on the streets when it became popular among men in the 60’s through stars like Elvis Presley. In the 80’s and 90’s it was the turn of the ladies to enter the moccasin fashion and since then it has never left for good.

Despite the rustic characteristics, today the moccasin can be used in almost any occasion, as they are found in several models, from the traditional with low sole and earthy colors to even the bold models with heels or colored.

Another advantage of moccasin is how easy it is to combine them with looks in any season, so don’t be afraid to risk compositions with it. Discover some tips that will help you choose the ideal moccasin for each type of outfit and occasion.

How to wear outfits with moccasin

As they usually present conventional and masculine characteristics, moccasins are easily combined with more modern and feminine pieces, so the look contrasts and becomes more interesting. They’re also casual and super comfortable, so they’re a great choice for everyday wear. Invest in modern accessories to escape the obvious and that’s it! You will be beautiful, light and loose, ready to parade with your moccasin around! Check out more tips to rock from head to toe.

looks with skirt

According to Bia Kawasaki, style consultant, stylist and author of the book “Dress Code: Impact of Personal Image on Business”, the combination of moccasin and skirt is super possible, however, as it is a shoe more suitable for cooler days, depending on of the occasion may not be the best choice. The tip is to bet on the skirt + moccasin composition on the hottest days of winter or on the typical rainy days of summer. Another tip from Bia is to enhance the look with large bags or crossbody bags.

looks with jeans

Jeans are moccasin’s best friend and it’s impossible to go wrong with it. It’s worth wearing with a tank top or t-shirt for everyday life or with a shirt for a more professional look. For colder days, enhance the look with sweaters, knits or a heavy jacket.

looks with shorts

The tip for combining moccasin with shorts is the same tip for combining with a skirt. Large bags are welcome and attention to the day’s weather is essential. Wear with loose blouses to compensate for bare legs.

looks with pants

The best piece to wear with loafers is long pants and that doesn’t just apply to jeans. There are a multitude of models for you to choose and match. Bia’s tip is golden: “If possible, fold the hem of the pants to give an extra charm to the look”.

looks with dress

The dress can bring a totally unexpected look when worn with loafers. Take advantage of the composition with few pieces to play with colors and don’t forget to invest in the right accessories. Heeled loafers are the most suitable, especially to make the look less casual.

Evening or ballad outfits

At this point, Bia Kawasaki is categorical: “Mocassim does not go to parties and does not go to formal events”, but it is possible to create interesting looks when the occasion does not require much production or the environment is not very formal. Bars, dinners and a trip to the theater are moments where the moccasin can enter the evening look in an appropriate and elegant way.

winter looks

The moccasin was made for winter and it’s the season to shine with it. Bet on accessories like blankets and scarves to spice up. Ponchos and shawls are also perfect complements, but be careful not to make the look too straight. Bia warns not to wear the moccasin with socks, unless your style and personality match the college or tomboy style.

10 moccasins to buy online

If you are already thinking of countless looks to wear with moccasin but haven’t secured yours yet, check out our incredible selection of beautiful models from online stores for you to fall in love with and buy.

Looks to inspire

And if you still lack inspiration to join the moccasin, how about looking at the gallery below? Several passionate looks from bloggers using and abusing moccasins for you to use as a reference or simply sigh. Enjoy!

Moccasins can be very different from each other and this can depend on the color, the type of sole or the material. Neutral colors are always more indicated but choosing a colored model when the look is all black or white can make a lot of difference, giving more grace to the look.

To close, Bia recalls: “In fashion it is always very important to keep in mind that you communicate when you dress.” So, adopt your style and create a composition that demonstrates your personality. And when it comes to something as charming and unique as the moccasin, that’s not difficult.

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