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Living room plants: the natural touch of style your environment needs

Living room plants make the environment more beautiful and offer a new way to incorporate elements of nature into the decor. With them, you can start your urban jungle! For that, check out which are the best plants for the living room and more than 60 passionate inspirations.

Living room plants: which one to choose?

Have you always wanted a little plant but think they won’t survive indoors? Forget about that and here are some perfect for the living room.


Delicate, this plant can be used as a pendant or on a piece of furniture. It has slender branches and clusters that support the sides of the pot as Rhipsalis grows in a cascade format. It doesn’t require direct lighting or daily watering, so it’s great for the interior. A curiosity is that during the summer it produces fruits, which form small white or pink balls at the ends, bringing even more beauty to the environment.


With a tropical face, the fern is another sure option for the living room. It is bulky and can be perfect to fill that dull space in your room. The semi-shade is ideal for the plant, which can burn when receiving intense light and prefers a more humid and dark environment. There are several species of Fern, even allowing you to create an arrangement of different types of the plant on a green wall or even suspended from the ceiling.

Saint George’s Sword

Symbol of protection and purification, this plant is one of the most used indoors. It can be seen in small sizes on counters or with long foliage in pots on the floor. The Espada de São Jorge is low maintenance, needs medium lighting and only needs to be watered when its soil is getting dry. It is also possible to use it together with other plants in a composition, but it alone is beautiful on its own.


Lesser known than the others, this green leafy plant with pink or white stripes is a great choice for decorating your living room. It has a medium size and can be used in vases on the floor or on some furniture. The details of the leaves make all the difference and bring an extra charm to the environment, leaving your home with a zen and cool air. They also don’t need direct light, just an airy space and daily watering. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her!

Adam’s Rib

This is one of those plants that are trending right now. The Adam’s Rib is super modern and perfect for more minimalist or industrial rooms. The shape of its foliage is impressive, approaching the appearance of ribs, hence its name. It can be found already well developed, ideal for larger rooms, with availability of space, or even “puppies”, fitting in a medium-sized vase. Like the others, it can be used in the living room as it does not require constant lighting, while water can be applied two to four times a week, depending on the climate of your city.

boa constrictor

If you really like hanging plants, forming that beautiful arrangement that goes down the wall or furniture, the Jiboia is the right option for you. Its stained, heart-shaped leaves are a unique charm, perfecting any room. And its maintenance is super simple, as it does well in both sunny and shady places. Its color varies from light and dark greens to more yellowish tones, it all depends on the incidence of light and the age of the plant.


But if your tastes are more classic and you are a fan of flowers, Anthurium is a great option for your living room. It has the best of both worlds: the beauty of the flowers and the ease of care for the foliage. Although red is the most common, the variety of shades of this plant is impressive, which makes it perfect for decorating that coffee table, a spacious shelf or on a sideboard. Its watering can reach up to four times a week and it cannot be left under direct sunlight.

Areca palm tree

For those who want a bigger plant, which can really transform their living room into a mini jungle or give it that summery look, Palmeira Areca is for you. Its leaves are long and thin and what sets it apart from other plants is its height, which can reach almost to the ceiling. Its care is basic, just keep it fertilized and watered, since the lighting here is not specific, as it can be under constant lighting or shade.

How about putting them all together and making an indoor garden? Or choose just one to put it in a very simple and beautiful vase? Regardless of your choice, any of these plants will adapt well to your home.

65 photos of living room plants to inspire you

And with so many options, it makes you want to look at photos of green rooms for hours to get inspired, right? So don’t miss the selection below.

1. When it comes to decoration, we can abuse style

2. And build environments that look exactly like us

3. With the rooms this is no different

4. The room gives free rein to the imagination

5. Allowing you to include your favorite elements in the decor

6. And plants are not left out of this story

7. They match all types of rooms

8. From the most delicate

9. And female

10. To industrialists

11. And trendy

12. Even the most sublime

13. And sophisticated

14. Plants add an extra touch of color to that dull corner

15. Calling anyone’s attention to the good taste of the decoration

16. And they don’t just add a lot of beauty

17. How they also benefit your health

18. Since many of them purify the air

19. And they are even good for your pet

20. The only care in these cases is with the toxicity of the plant

21. But if you get one that doesn’t pose any risks to your pet

22. It’s just fun there

23. Another interesting factor is that they harmonize with everything

24. In colorful rooms, they bring even more cheer

25. And in contemporary they highlight more elegant elements

26. Creating a perfect contrast

27. It is also possible to reconcile the types of plants with your tastes

28. Some are trending right now, for those who follow trends

29. Others have been known for a long time

30. Being classified as classic indoor plants

31. The little ones are gaining a lot of space

32. Since many rooms are currently reduced

33. Even though they’re less flashy, they don’t go unnoticed

34. While the grandonass need a slightly larger location

35. Captivating everyone who sees them

36. Not Just For Your Extravagance

37. Which can be intensified by the color of the leaves

38. Or by the way the plant adapts to the environment

39. It is also possible to combine the two sizes

40. Creating a space with different species

41. Or opt for the beautiful green walls

42. Another factor to think about is where the plant will be

43. Because depending on the gender, she will need to grow up or down

44. The “little trees” prefer the ground

45. With more stability and air space for your development

46. ​​Others need support

47. Looking great on counters

48. And we can’t forget about the pendants

49. That light up any wall

50. Creating that beautiful ripple effect

51. But regardless of your choice

52. You can’t go wrong when talking about living room plants

53. After all, they make any environment more charming

54. Whether by the shapes of its leaves

55. Or for your shades of green

56. They attract admiring glances

57. Making the room more tropical

58. And making you more connected with nature

59. For the care they require is minimal

60. Compared to the goods they can bring

61. Be in the air purification

62. Or the touch of style they bring

63. Then write down your types that favorite plants

64. Which best match your room and your aesthetics

65. And plan your own private forest

Small, large, alone or together, all this makes a difference and should be thought of when choosing to add plants to your living room, but one thing you can be sure of: it is impossible not to be enchanted by greenery.

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