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Living room curtains: learn how to choose the perfect model for you

The curtains in the living room, regardless of the model, have several features and end up being indispensable in this environment. In addition to privacy, the curtain protects furniture from excessive light, softens the wind and prevents reflections on the television, for example.

Some points should be taken into account when choosing the curtain for your living room. The material used must be easy to clean and need to suit the effect you want to give the environment.

The style of the environment also needs to be taken into account. If your living room is classic, opt for more noble fabrics that fit and adjust to a rod or rail. If you are a fan of a contemporary style and your living room is more modern, a blind can compose this environment very well.

In addition to its practical functions, the curtain is part of the decoration and can make everything more charming and harmonious, just know how to combine and unleash your creativity.

What is the ideal model for your living room?

Having a curtain in the room is essential, you already know that. Now, which model to choose? Interior designer Mariana Vigné, from Duplex Interiores, explained the uniqueness of each model to help you choose which one is best suited to your environment.


The biggest advantage of rods is that they are easy to install and affordable. According to the interior designer, the curtain rod model is perfect for more rustic environments. A tip is to opt for a wooden rod.


The rail model is the most common, but it requires some complements for the environment to be harmonious. It is necessary to hide the trail with a band or make a plaster curtain to hide it, suggests Mariana. Being careful when opening and closing this curtain is also important. If you move too quickly, the curtain could go off the rails.


The curtain in the Roman model is super charming and chic. The only negative point, according to Mariana, is that it is necessary to have space for when it is fully retracted, usually the size of a “segment” of it. If her living room is large and has a lot of space, the Roman curtain is a great indication.


“Very simple, low cost and simple and quick installation!”, says interior designer Mariana Vigné. Like the Roman, she needs a larger space for gathering. It can be composed with a more fluid fabric curtain to leave the environment with a touch of charm.


The panel curtain has the same characteristics as the Roman one. When they are closed they are very similar. The panel curtain works as a sliding door, ideal for those who do not give up practicality. A nice tip that Mariana gives is to decorate the curtain with ribbons and details in the frames.

horizontal blinds

They are practical and the options for colors, materials and finishes are diverse. The interior designer says that, despite their versatility, they don’t make the environment very cozy.

vertical blinds

Like horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are versatile and modern. If your living room has a more contemporary feel, they can be a good choice!

Just as each model has its particularity, the rooms also have different needs. Now it’s up to you to choose which curtain is ideal for your room to look beautiful and with your face.

Color: a factor that makes all the difference

Choosing the color of any object is a very personal decision. In the case of curtains for the living room it is no different. If you like bolder and darker colors, think about using them in decoration details, as these colors tend to get boring over time. Opt for neutral and light tones in the curtains, this way your room will be cozy and convey calm. If you want to block out outside light, don’t use dark curtains. In these cases it is better to use a blackout with a curtain over it. Interior designer Mariana Vigné says that the fabrics most used in living room curtains are linen, linen gauze and voile.

Learn how to install the curtain correctly

Have you bought a curtain and now you have no idea how to install it correctly so that your living room looks beautiful and harmonious? We’ve prepared some essential tips to make this task easier and for you not to mess up in the decoration of this important environment!

DIY curtains for you to make at home

It may not seem like it, but making a curtain can be a very easy task, and it’s usually cheaper. Check out these tips that will help you make your own curtain.

How to make roman curtain, by Carina Fernandes

In this video, Carina Fernandes teaches how to make the Roman curtain. In a few steps it is possible to make this different model that will make your living room charming. In addition to being easy, it is much cheaper than buying a ready-made one.

How to make a voile curtain with pompons, by Maddu Magalhães

Maddu Magalhães gave the tip on how to make this super cute custom curtain. She used very few materials and the result was amazing!

How to make a seamless curtain by Larissa Vale

Here in this video, Larissa Vale teaches how to make a curtain rod very easily and quickly. She doesn’t sew anything, she just uses glue and fabric.

It is very easy to make your room more charming. In addition to being cheaper, the result will come out just the way you thought!

30 environments that show good uses of the curtain in the room

We have selected some ideas to inspire you when choosing the curtain for your living room. See how the curtain has the power to make any room more elegant and cozy.

1. Curtains add an extra touch to simple environments

2. They give another face to the environment, don’t they?

3. If you don’t want to lose luminosity, choose a fabric with transparency

4. Gorgeous inspiration!

5. The rail curtain leaves the curtain with a beautiful ruffle

6. Curtains in dark tones are ideal to make the environment more sober

7. Chic and elegant ambience

8. The model with a rod is the most common and never loses its elegance

9. The roller curtain is elegant and contemporary

10. She is the most discreet of all the models

11. The effect of the roll model is similar to that of the panel model

12. The panel model is practical and modern

13. This model is ideal for covering large windows

14. The panel curtain can be used as a partition

15. They are modern and discreet

16. The Roman curtain is modern and different

17. Like the panel model, it is very discreet

18. Classic and elegant

19. They have an interesting effect depending on the chosen color

20. Making your corner more comfortable and charming!

21. The horizontal wooden blind gives a rustic look to the room

22. They are practical to clean, ideal for dusty environments

23. Investing in lighting and betting on a dark blind makes the environment cool

24. Look how charming this environment in neutral tones with a horizontal blind

25. The curtain is an indispensable item in the decoration of your room

26. The vertical blind is the most traditional model of blinds

27. They leave the environment with a sophisticated air

Now it’s easier to choose the perfect curtain for that special environment in the house? Choose the one that best suits your environment and have a room worthy of a decoration magazine!

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