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Liquid keratin acts in the reconstruction of damaged wires

Strengthening and restorative products are important for hair care. Among them, liquid keratin can be used on all hair types and offers many benefits to the strands. However, do you know how to use it correctly? the hairdresser and hair stylist Rosângela Castanho talks about it and teaches a very easy step by step. Follow up!

What is liquid keratin?

According to Rosângela Castanho, liquid keratin “is a protein that rebuilds ninety percent of damaged hair. It serves to restore the hair mass of the wires, returning strength, elasticity, nutrients, proteins and shine. Plus, it’s anti-frizz.” The hairdresser recommends applying the product after global discoloration, highlights and coloring, that is, hair post-chemicals.

5 benefits of liquid keratin for hair care

Before using any product on your hair, you need to know if it fits your needs. The professional commented on 5 benefits of liquid keratin. After meeting them, you will realize that this cosmetic is a wildcard item:

  • Cauterizes the wires;
  • Restores hair mass;
  • Makes the wires more rigid;
  • Rebuilds the wires;
  • Reduces frizz.

Castanho also commented that liquid keratin can be applied to any type of hair. So, straight, curly and frizzy hair are benefited with the use of the product.

How to use liquid keratin on your locks

Many hair products have instructions for use on their packaging. However, Rosângela Castanho has simplified everything with a step-by-step guide that is very easy to follow at home. See below:

  • Wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo;
  • Remove excess water from the wires;
  • Cover the lengths and ends of the hair with pure liquid keratin or mixed with a moisturizing cream;
  • Let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse;
  • Finish with conditioner and styling cream;
  • If desired, perform cauterization.

There’s no secret! The treatment is super easy and fast. Just follow the step by step right to avoid the rebound effect. Results can be enhanced with cauterization. Next, Rosângela Castanho explains the procedure.

Capillary cauterization with liquid keratin

Cauterization includes using a hair dryer to set the product and help treat damaged strands. According to the hairdresser, “you should apply the pure product to your hair, use the dryer to heat the strands and put on a plastic cap. Then, let it act for 15 to 20 minutes. Give it another warm up with the dryer. Wait another 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Finally, just finish as you wish.”

The purpose of cauterization or keratinization is to return nutrients and restore over-damaged hair. So, bet on the technique especially when you notice the elastic and brittle strands. However, overuse can cause the rebound effect.

Questions about hair keratin answered by the hairdresser

Women’s Tips – Can you sleep with keratin in your hair?

Rosângela Castanho – you can’t. Liquid keratin has a certain time to act on the hair, between 10 and 15 minutes. If you leave the product for longer, the rebound effect can happen. The strands will become stiffer and more brittle. The only exception is if the product is leave-in.

Can you leave it in your hair and brush it?

Can not. It is the same case as the previous question. As already mentioned, the product has a certain time to act, between 10, 15 and a maximum of 20 minutes. Keratin is to give hair stiffness and strength. So, if it stays on for too long, it will damage the wires. Brushing is only allowed if you are cauterizing (and you must rinse afterwards) or if the product is leave-in.

Can it be used on any type of hair?

Yes, it can be used on any type of hair. However, it is more specific for post-chemically damaged hair. These require more the use of keratin due to breakage, porosity, dryness and elasticity.

How many times a month can you use it?

It depends on the condition of the wire. Keratin can be used every 15 days when hair is most damaged, once a month when partially damaged, and every 2 1/2 months when healthy.

Thus, with the approval of the hairdresser, it is possible to say that liquid keratin is welcome to the hair. However, it needs to be used correctly, without passing the maximum recommended time.

The best liquid keratins recommended by bloggers

If you’ve noticed that your hair is in need of nutrients, why not try out the benefits of liquid keratin? Below, check out the best suggestions recommended by bloggers and influencers:

1. Niely Gold Repair Liquid Keratin – $

With a focus on rebuilding and strengthening the wires, returning softness, Niely Gold’s liquid keratin has plant-based proteins and does not contain parabens. It acts in a few minutes and does not need to be rinsed.

“The cool thing about this keratin is that you don’t need to seal the product with the board. I like it because of that, because it is very easy to use.” – Pabline Torrecilla

2. Keramax Skafe Liquid Keratin – $$

With the function of replenishing nutrients, repairing and giving resistance to the wires, Keramax Skafe keratin acts quickly and has thermoactivated protection. It needs rinsing after application. In addition, it is recommended to let the hair dry naturally before using the brush and flat iron.

“The strands are very soft, the hair is loose, with shine, which is the very objective of the restoration, it also softened the frizz”. – Bianca Araújo

3. Pro-K Prohall Liquid Keratin – $$

In addition to replacing proteins and nutrients lost by external factors and chemicals, Prohall’s keratin rebuilds the wires, gives shine, resistance and even moisturizes. It creates a protective layer as it contains coconut oil among its components. Finally, it is suitable for all hair types.

“She is slightly off-white. The fragrance of the product is very calm, no characteristic smell, and it is free of petrolatum”. – Carla Guimaraes

4. Sfera Nazca Liquid Keratin – $$$

The exclusive formula of Sfera da Nazca includes 3D keratin, so it releases the product gradually and guarantees the restoration of the wires. In addition, it has biofunctional proteins and does not need to be rinsed after application.

“I used the hairdryer and the hair looked stiff. Therefore, it is important to pass the flat iron, because it activates the keratin better. I liked the result, the hair was very soft”. – Luana Bergamo

5. Siàge Eudora Liquid Keratin – $$$

Its formula eliminates the most intense damage and, in the case of very damaged hair, the product can be used daily. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, with argan oil in its composition. It is rinse-free and allows treatments with and without a dryer.

“It is not transparent, it is very white and has a very milky appearance. My hair was very soft and manageable. It became more resistant after the first application of keratin”. – Andressa Chaves

As you followed, liquid keratin is very beneficial for the wires. Choose the product that best fits your hair needs and your daily life. Now, how about taking a look at the article about oil for dry hair?

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