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Lip Moisturizer: The 10 Best to Keep Lips Healthy

Lip moisturizer is essential to keep your lips healthy. In addition to leaving them with a smooth and soft appearance, the products protect the skin of the mouth against sunlight and extreme weather, in addition to preventing aging. We have selected the best on the market for you to buy and homemade recipes with natural ingredients. Check out!

The 10 best lip balms to keep your lips healthy

Cosmetic brands have different lip moisturizers, but do you know which one is best for you? Check out this list of the 10 best products to buy, based on the opinion of beauty bloggers, and the benefits each offers.

1. Bepantol Lip Moisturizer – $$

Bepantol products are known for deep hydration in different parts of the body, from the dermis to the nails. And the brand’s lip balm doesn’t disappoint! In addition to leaving the lips hydrated, the product is concentrated with dexpanthenol, an active that has a repairing and cell renewal effect. Also, it leaves you protected from drying out and has a protection factor of 30 against sun rays.

“It has medium to high hydration and leaves lips renewed, soft and protected. A little is enough to spread and it stays in the mouth for a long time. Because of these factors, profitability is very high. It lasted more than 3 months for me. The packaging is in the shape of a lipstick, that is, it can be applied directly to the lips, without using your fingers.” – Juliana de Souza

2. Boticário Lip Moisturizer – $$

Boticário’s lip moisturizer enchants from the packaging. With a square shape, the product is compact to carry in the bag and easy to apply. In addition to the delicious aroma, it has vitamin E, which promotes an antioxidant action on the lips. The brand promises intense hydration, duration of 8 hours and protection against sun rays.

“I found the scent of lip balms delicious. The packaging facilitates the application and avoids wastage. Being ideal to carry in the bag, because it does not melt. Their texture is fine, and creates a hydrating layer under the lips without leaving them feeling oily or sticky.” – Beauty Chris

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3. Nivea lip balm – $$

And one of the most famous lip moisturizers on the market is the one from Nívea. And no wonder he is successful! The product offers hydration and repair to the lips, leaving them soft and smooth. The cost-benefit of the product is great and is an essential cosmetic to carry on a daily basis.

4. Lip Butter The Body Shop Lip Moisturizer – $$

The Body Shop lip moisturizer has shea butter in its formula, which leaves the product concentrated and with a great texture, thicker and creamy. The effects are instantaneous and the brand promises soft and smooth lips from the first application.

5. Granado lip balm – $$$

Granado’s lip moisturizer has vegetable waxes in its composition, ingredients that promote intense hydration and leave lips smooth. The product formula is vegan and it is not tested on animals. Also, the product offers protection against sun rays and extreme climates that tend to leave lips dry.

“The scent is very mild, which made me find advantages, as it gives a feeling of being supernatural and the aroma does not interfere when used with other products. The durability on the lips is very nice, because it doesn’t come off super easy and so you don’t have to go over it all the time.” – Stephanie Segal

6. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Moisturizer – $$

Maybelline’s lip moisturizer, Baby Lips, is a real trend! It is ideal for those who like a little color on the lips, as the product is slightly pigmented. It offers a thick layer of protection, but nothing that gets sticky. It’s the perfect product to keep your lips colored and very well hydrated.

7. Epidrat Lip Moisturizer – $$$$$

Epidrat’s lip balm is perfect for anyone looking for really intense, quality hydration. Its formula prevents lip aging, treats dryness and still has SPF 30 against sun rays. It is waterproof, has great durability, in addition to being hypoallergenic, tasteless, and does not leave the lips whitish.

“Epidrat Lips leaves the mouth really well hydrated and “smooth”, it has been my daily companion. It doesn’t leave the lips quickly, if you want you can apply a thinner layer, but the more product on the lips, the greater the hydration and protection.” – Luiza Gomes

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8. L’Occitane Lip Moisturizer – $$$$

L’Occitane’s product has a balm-like texture and promotes intense hydration on the lips. The brand promises high durability and results from the first application. The product repairs the skin of the mouth and is great for lips that are dry from extreme weather, such as cold or dry weather.

“The balm is transparent and has a thicker texture. It also has a scent that I don’t know what it is, but it’s light and delicious. Don’t get sick. A small amount of product goes a long way and the hold is great! It forms a film on the lips and you feel hydrated all day long.” – Marina Smith

9 – Ricca lip balm – $

And if you’re looking for a cheap product to always have with you, the tip is Ricca’s lip balm. For less than 10 reais, the product has aloe vera in the formula, an ingredient that moisturizes the lips and still leaves them with a feeling of refreshment. The aroma is soft and it contains SPF 30. Its packaging is the conventional stick, easy to apply and practical to carry in the bag!

“It really moisturizes the lips, and helps prevent dryness. The price is very important. It is small and compact, fits in a purse and also in a toiletry bag, is used daily and can also be applied before lipstick.” – Blog by Morenna

10. Nuxe Rêve De Miel Lip Moisturizer – $$$

Nuxe’s ​​lip moisturizer is a French product that is becoming popular among bloggers. Its formula is composed of honey, vegetable oils, shea butter and vitamin E. All these components result in a deep hydration that renews the lips, leaving them soft and smooth.

“For being very consistent, the product yields a lot! Just a little bit of balm on your fingertips is enough to make your lips ultra hydrated! I think it’s worth it for those who suffer from dryness and for those who have very sensitive lips, because it really is very powerful!” – Natasha Romaszkiewicz

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There are options for all pockets and for different needs. For immediate hydration and intense care, it is worth investing in a concentrated and higher quality product. And to keep your lips always hydrated on any occasion, bet on affordable and practical to carry cosmetics.

How to make your homemade lip balm

In addition to well-known brands, there are also homemade recipes to make your own lip balm. Their advantage is that the ingredients used are natural and you can make them for sale. Check out:

vegan lip balm

If you find it difficult to find vegan products on the market, you can make your own moisturizer without any animal-based ingredients. You will need pure cocoa butter, vegetable wax and extra virgin coconut oil. The recipe is super easy to make and the complete step by step can be followed in the video.

Lip balm with shea butter and essential oils

This recipe is super hydrating and fragrant. The ingredients are: solid shea butter, rose oil and geranium essential oil, all found in pharmacies or cosmetics stores. These compounds promote intense hydration and a creamy texture. To make it, just melt everything in a bain-marie, put it in little jars and it’s ready!

2 homemade lip balm options

In this video we follow the recipe for a lip moisturizer in two versions: vegan, with candelilla wax and non-vegan with beeswax. Tests show that the two end up having similar and positive results. The full tutorial is in the video.

Lip Moisturizer with Vitamin E and Acai Oil

This is a lip moisturizer for those who love natural and national ingredients. It has ucuúba butter, açaí oil and vitamin E, which renews the lips, leaving them soft and smooth. It’s an original and super easy recipe to make!

The ingredients are found in pharmacies, cosmetics stores or even online stores. Which of these recipes are you going to try first? And if you don’t neglect the health of your lips, learn more about lip balm and its benefits.

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