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Learn positive affirmations to attract love and romance

The year has barely started and you’ve been suffering from the same problem for a long time: loving loneliness.

Your life is almost perfect. A good job. A nice salary. A family present. Cool friends. Always travels. It’s always moving. He’s always happy. Or almost always happy, because there is a point in your life that is not cool. A point that is not complete and that bothers. And the sentimental life is a fiasco, empty and stopped.

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Month in and month out, year in and year out and no finding a nice person to relate to, date and love. If someone appears at the beginning, it’s even exciting. But, over time, you realize that the person is just trouble or doesn’t give you the chemistry you want so much.

And again, you end up alone and waiting for a new love.

If you really want to love someone and be loved, attract love and a lot of romance in a relationship, you have to use your mental power to attract that love. You have to believe that you will find your love. You have to vibrate every day for this. You have to make affirmations every day to attract love.

Below are statements that I pass on to my holistic coaching clients to do every day. So the mind will strengthen until it finds true love.

Affirmations to attract love and romance

I attract true love.

Love happens at the right time. The right time is today.

The affection I place in life is returned to me in double.

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All is well in my world. I have all the love I need.

I really love myself. People love me.

I deserve all the love I give others.

My heart produces and exhales love.

I am the pure expression of affection and happiness.

I attract sincere people. I am a source of love.

I am important to everyone around me.

I attract love and romance into my life and I accept that now.

Love is everywhere, and I am open to receiving the love I give.

I love myself and I naturally attract romantic relationships into my life.

I desire love, and I radiate love.

I choose to look at the world and at others with eyes of love. I love what I see.

Love happens! I free myself from the desperate need to find love and

I open myself so that he finds me at the right moment.

Love is around every corner and joy is present in everything in my world.

I came into the world to learn to love myself more and to share that love with others.

that surround me.

Life is very simple. I get back what I give. Today, I choose to give love.

I rejoice in the love I find every day.

I deserve love, romance, joy and all the good life has to offer me right now.

Love is the best thing there is!

I am surrounded by love. It’s okay in my life.

I attract love and romance into my life and receive it now.

My heart is open. I speak using loving words.

At the very center of my being is an infinite source of love.

My heart is full of love and I know that love opens all doors.

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I am a beautiful person and everyone loves me. Love welcomes me wherever I go.

I feel secure in all my relationships; I give and receive a lot of love.

I only attract healthy relationships. They always treat me well.

Thank you for all the love in my life. I find love everywhere.

Solid, loving relationships brighten my life.

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