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Learn how to wash your face correctly and have healthier skin

Washing your face is one of those tasks that stay on automatic. We do it almost without realizing it and often without taking proper care. Sometimes, problems like excess oil and very dry skin are solved when you change your habits when cleaning your skin. And that’s why it’s high time you learned how to properly clean your face.

wash gently

To clean your face, you need water and a soap suitable for your skin type. Only that. The ideal is to make delicate circular movements on the skin, because it is the soap that usually does the heavy work, that is, no rubbing the skin. Then, don’t forget to rinse thoroughly so that no soap residue is left on your skin.

Wash your face only 2x a day

It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily or dry, you need to wash your face with soap and water twice a day, morning and night. More than that, the skin’s sebaceous glands become overworked and produce more sebum, leaving the skin oily. Therefore, washing often is not recommended for those who have oily skin.

Cold water: an ally for your skin

When the weather cools down, does the temperature of the water rise? Wrong! The ideal is to always wash your face with cold water, which has a great revitalizing effect for the skin, in addition to closing the pores and preventing you from having an oily face throughout the day. Hot water strips your skin of healthy natural oils and damages it. In the shower and when washing your hair, opt for cold water as well.

Remove makeup before washing your face

The ideal is to use a makeup remover and remove all the make up before washing. This is a guarantee that you will sleep with clean skin and that there will be no cosmetic residue left. For eyes, which are more sensitive, use a make-up remover suitable for this area, ok?

exfoliate every week

That is, once or twice a week at most (depending on what your dermatologist says). Exfoliation leaves the skin smoother as it removes dead cells. But when it is done several times it attacks the skin and removes its defense, drying it. But attention: skin with inflamed pimples requires more care at this time, so consultation with a dermatologist is essential.

Use the towel gently

The ideal thing is that each person in the house has their own face towel, which needs to be changed several times a week, to prevent many bacteria from stopping on it. And when it’s time to dry, use it to press the skin, not to rub it. By rubbing the towel, the effect is similar to that of exfoliation – and this one you’ve already seen that shouldn’t be done every day!

More skin care tips for your face

  • Do not sleep with cosmetics (makeup, creams) on your skin, other than night creams.
  • Use astringent toner after washing your skin. It’s great for removing impurities that didn’t come out with soap and water.
  • Do not use body creams on your face. And that goes for sunscreen. Facial skin asks for softer, less oily products.
  • Spray thermal water once or twice throughout the day on the skin. It hydrates and refreshes without weighing you down.
  • Use primer before doing make-up. It helps to close and minimize skin pores.
  • Ask your dermatologist for help before buying cosmetics. Buying on your own or on the recommendation of a friend is not a good idea!

Daniela Hueb

Dermatologist with specialization in Aesthetic Medicine, graduated in Medicine from the University of Alfenas/MG. Affiliated to the Brazilian Academy of Dermatology and the American Academy of Dermatology, she constantly participates in national and international courses and congresses on dermatology.

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