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Learn how to make the frontal lock, the trend that conquered the famous (+ 13 photos for you to be inspired)

The fashion of the 2000s was marked by sporty pieces, baguette bags and controversial combinations (like wearing a dress over your pants). Now, fashionistas are responsible for the triumphant return of these provocative trends.

The daring look of the decade has also been making its presence felt in beauty trends. Have you noticed how the marked locks, also known as chunky highlights, did they come back with everything? But this technique got a makeover and, recently, bleached bangs have become a fever among influencers. In addition to being trendy, the front locks are easy to do — want to see?

Next, the awesome.club wants to talk a little more about front locks, teach you how you can reproduce them at home and show you 13 inspirational photos. Check out!

What are the front strands?

If you followed idols teens in the 2000s, then you must remember that the chunky highlights were an absolute success, and celebrities such as Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson adopted the look at the time. We are talking about deliberately marked locks, which contrast with the base color of the hair.

Currently, the trend has come back with a vengeance — but it has also gained a “new version”. The over-marked lock has shifted to the front of her hair. On the fringe only.

In the above collage, it is possible to notice how the front strand is different from the hair contour, a coloring that reached its peak between 2016 and 2018. In this case, the fringe also undergoes bleaching, but the technique is applied subtly and blends with highlights located at the ends of the hair. The main idea is to create strategic lighting to enhance the contour of the face.

Already the proposal of front lock is to create a look fun, modern and full of character. The technique is to create a discolored and well-marked band, on purpose. No wonder the trend is also called the “vampire lock”. After all, the X-Men character was marked by this iconic look. Celebrities like Cleo Pires, Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne and Anitta have recently entered this fashion.


Bella Thorne

Kylie Jenner

Cleo Pires

How to make?

Making frontal locks at home can be relatively easy, but you need to pay attention to a number of factors:

1. When toning or bleaching your hair, it is essential to do the strand and sensitivity test before to see if you have any allergies. The step by step of this procedure is indicated on the packaging of the product you purchased;

2. Will it bleach for the first time? Do a strand test to find out how long your hair “opens”. That is, how long it takes to reach the desired tone. but it’s important Never exceed the time indicated on the product packaging;

3. Don’t forget the gloves disposable and use brushes and plastic pots;

4. Talk to an expert before performing the procedure alone. Your hairdresser knows your locks better than anyone and can give you key tips. We also reinforce that the result achieved at home can hardly be compared to the work of experts.

To lighten your hair, you will need to mix it with bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide. Remember that hydrogen peroxide is measured in volumes. That is, you will find this product with 10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes — and your choice must be made according to the desired result.

The 10 volume hydrogen peroxide is the weakest and serves to enhance the color of toners. Already the 40 volume opens the hair tone faster and helps to reach platinum blonde. However, it is the most “dangerous”, as it damages the hair more and should only be used by professionals.

After making the mixture, it’s time to apply it:

Make a kind of triangle in the front of the hair (as shown in figure 1) and secure the rest of the strands with the help of elastics and bobby pins; Then separate the bangs into thinner strands. With the help of a brush and aluminum foil, paint the highlights. Tip: paint the ends first, as the hair roots tend to open faster; Wait a few minutes, until your hair tone opens. It is important to remember that each hair has a different time to reach the desired color and you must not exceed the maximum time indicated on the packaging of the products purchased (which is normally 30 minutes); If you want strands more pulled towards white, you can use shampoos or toning masks, which can “take away” the yellow tone of the wires.

Another important tip: if you have short bangs, but you’re dying to adhere to the look, you can separate a strand a little longer – that takes strands “beyond” the bangs. As you can see above, the result is also very cool.


You may need to see some inspiration to get the courage to do the front lock. Therefore, we have separated 13 images of Internet users who joined the look bold and got a modern and cool look. Check out!














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