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Learn how to make a homemade clay mask that cleanses, invigorates and treats the skin

Clay is a very beneficial component for our skin, capable of replenishing the nutrients lost during the day, rebalancing the pH, removing blackheads and leaving it looking hydrated and fresh.

With that in mind, our tip today is a homemade mask made with powdered clay, a cheap ingredient you can find in any compounding pharmacy.

The youtuber Julia C Forti teaches how to make the mask, and she says she learned this trick at the Faculty of Aesthetics.

Write down the products you will need:

  • Liquid soap for the face
  • cotton pads
  • Facial tonic
  • Facial astringent (if desired)
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Powdered clay (preferably green or white)
  • Sunscreen with SPF above 30

As clay stains nails and clothes, it is interesting that you wear gloves and older clothes when applying your mask, so you don’t get sad if you spill a little of the mask on your blouse.

If you don’t want to get your hair wet, wrap it in a shower cap, as it’s difficult to rinse your face and remove products without getting your hair strands wet on your forehead.

In the video recorded by Julia C Forti, the youtuber teaches first how to clean the skin and then prepare it to receive the clay mask. Follow the tips and follow the step by step below:

1. Pass your facial liquid soap all over your face and rinse or remove with a wet cotton;

2. Apply a gentle exfoliator (you can also apply it on the neck) with circular movements;

3. Wrap a piece of cotton with gauze to make a loofah and moisten to remove the exfoliant from your face (it doesn’t just come off with the cotton);

4. With the help of a cotton pad, apply a facial tonic and, if you want, combine it with an astringent and apply your preferred moisturizer;

5. Mix 1 dessert spoon of powdered clay with a little water until you get a point that doesn’t run down your face;

6. Tip: add the water little by little and stir constantly until you get a consistency between liquid and pasty;

7. Apply the clay all over the face with the help of a spatula, taking care of the eye area and eyebrows;

8. Wait 10 minutes for the mask to dry and remove the clay with a wet sponge made of cotton wrapped in gauze;

9. Apply a facial toner to soothe the skin and remove redness and apply oil-free sunscreen.

When the mask dries on your face, you will feel a slight tight feeling due to the work the clay does on your skin.

It can be a bit of work to remove the clay, but don’t give up because it will come off. It is normal for the skin to be a little red after application, and this effect is smoothed by the application of a toner.

To visualize the process more calmly, you can also watch the full video:

With this tip, it was easier to achieve healthier and more beautiful skin, right? Because it is not too deep or too aggressive, you can apply this mask daily, even replacing your moisturizer depending on how your skin adapts.

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