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Learn how to do a light and beautiful makeup

Makeup has become an art that is currently part of everyday life for many girls and women. Techniques once mastered by beauty artists in beauty salons are now common knowledge and can be practiced and used by any woman who has patience and who likes to put on makeup.

For those who are still new to this practice, learning some basic but beautiful looks is the key to success. Once you master the techniques in softer makeup, you can then experiment and dare with your ideas and your face.

And those who prefer more neutral looks will love this makeup option taught below. It focuses on a well-groomed complexion, with contour and lighting to highlight the skin and with more discreet tones in the mouth and eyes, so it can be combined with any look without problems.

This makeup can be used both day to day and night, depending on your preference. It is worth remembering that during the day it is also important to apply a sunscreen before makeup. Check out the step-by-step guide below and practice the techniques taught:

Light makeup: step by step

See in the following step-by-step how to reproduce the makeup in the photo above, remembering that you can replace the lipstick and eyeshadow with other neutral colors you want:

  1. First of all, remove any makeup residue using a makeup remover and then wash your face well;
  2. Apply a foundation primer all over the face or at least the T-zone (forehead and nose);
  3. Apply the foundation all over the face using the brush or fingers (including the lips) and finish by lightly tapping the entire face using a sponge;
  4. Apply concealer on dark circles and around the mouth if necessary;
  5. And with a powder brush, apply translucent powder all over your face very gently so you don’t weigh down your makeup.

After that, the next and important step is to contour, apply the blush and the highlighter. The following video by blogger Camila Coelho shows how to apply the three products and gives important tips to make it look good:

With the skin ready and the contour done, there are just a few more steps to complete this look, check it out:

  1. With an eyebrow pencil, correct the flaws and draw the eyebrow as usual. If possible, use an eyebrow gel to keep your hair neat and organized.
  2. On the eyes, with an eyeshadow brush or your fingers, apply a matte brown eyeshadow or with a very soft shine, blending very gradually. Apply to just above the crease;
  3. To make the eyes more pronounced, smudge a lead eyeshadow over the brown one, but without reaching the crease;
  4. After applying eyeshadow, apply 3 coats of mascara, waiting for 1-2 minutes to dry between each application. Also apply a layer on the lower lashes (waterproof mascara);
  5. Finally, apply a matte or shimmery nude lipstick or a lip color lipstick, depending on your preference.

This look takes a long time to complete, so be patient. Although this makeup is easy to do, the steps take time to get a good finish.

This makeup suits dark skin tones of all shades and also suits fair-skinned women, as long as they use products that match their skin tone.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Make This Makeup

Here are some product suggestions that illustrate what it will take to copy the make:

Makeup is easier to do when you use the right brushes for each part of it. Here is the list of brushes that are needed for makeup:

  • Foundation brush (optional)
  • powder brush
  • face contour brush
  • Nose contour brush
  • blush brush
  • highlighter brush

To better understand how each of these brushes works, check out the Complete Guide to Makeup Brushes from Tips for Women.

Extra trick: powerful mouth!

Here are 5 simple steps to conquer a mouth made up worthy of a Hollywood actress:

  1. Apply highlighter on the outer central part of the lips (outside the lips);
  2. Line the mouth with pencil inside the lips, or a little outside if you want to enlarge it (being careful not to exaggerate);
  3. Apply the lipstick using a lipstick brush or with the stick itself;
  4. With light taps apply lipstick or shimmering eyeshadow to the central part of the lips (use a minimal amount of product, the intention is just to add a little shine);
  5. Use a gloss to finish.

The result is a contoured, voluminous mouth with a beautiful shine as in the image below.

If even following all the tips and tricks the look is not as expected, remember that each face shape looks different with the same makeup. And practice helps too. So don’t despair. Don’t forget to share the tips and leave your opinion in the comments below.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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