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Learn how the position of the spine affects the flat stomach

The dream of many women is to have a flat stomach, without stretch marks and localized fat. To achieve this, they invest in diets and practice daily exercises at the gym. But these attitudes may not be enough if you have an incorrect posture, after all, the position of the spine can influence the result and end up forming the so-called ‘love handles’.

“A spine that is not aligned harms the entire functioning of the body. When you relax, when sitting, for example, the abdomen relaxes and the space between the vertebrae compresses, forming the belly. Everything is related to the correct position of the spine. It is important to learn to sit, stand and lie down properly,” says Felipe Blumenberg, a physical therapist.

Therefore, always monitoring the position of the body both when sitting and when relaxing is essential.

“The correct position is the one with the chest ‘open’. To maintain it, you need proper nutrition and physical exercise to strengthen the muscles”, advises Blumenberg.

In the following images you can see how you should position yourself in some common everyday situations.

And for those who still have doubts about how to position themselves correctly, the tip is to seek the guidance of a physical therapist and always ask the physical educator who accompanies your exercises to help you when positioning yourself when moving.

It is in childhood that postural education begins

So that the correct way to behave is more easily assimilated in everyday life, it is essential that this concern is present during childhood as well. “To have a better quality of life in the future, it is essential that from childhood we have good habits and good posture. It is important to have body awareness from an early age. This will help to be an adult with less back problems”, says the physical therapist. So, when you notice that your child is getting used to maintaining an incorrect posture, talk to the pediatrician and ask for guidance.

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Tips for guiding the little ones

Guiding children is a way to prevent back problems in the future and ensure better health. Therefore, the physical therapist gives some necessary and infallible tips:

  • Until the age of 12, the child should not play sports that require a single type of movement;
  • Computer use should be interspersed with rest or activities that require some kind of physical effort;
  • The child needs stretching. She must, for example, be able to place her hands on the floor, starting from a standing posture, without bending her knees;
  • The child should not carry more than 10% of their body weight;
  • School supplies must be carried in a balanced way: divided on both sides of the body, in backpacks on the back or in backpacks with wheels.

Diet and exercise also interfere with the aesthetics of the abdomen.

Also seek guidance from your nutritionist so that a menu is made especially for you! Forget fried foods or very fatty foods, after all, they contribute – and a lot!- to the appearance of the dreaded localized fat. “It’s no use doing daily physical exercises if you don’t control your diet. A balanced menu rich in vitamins and proteins is essential for a healthy and fit body”, says personal trainer Karine Pereira.

Sit-ups are one of the recommended exercises to outline your belly. To do this, lie on the mat, place your hands behind your neck and flex your body forward. “It is worth remembering that this exercise must be done with the help of a professional so as not to compromise the spine”, warns Karine.

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For those who want to lose fat, aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming and running are ideal. Combining the power of these exercises with the abs is the way to ensure a beautiful belly. But nothing happens by magic. Conquering a flat stomach takes time and a lot of patience and dedication. So don’t give up.

Videos – postural education for all

See in the video below how to position yourself correctly when using the computer at home, at school or at work:

Here’s a video to show your kids so they can learn more about the importance of positioning themselves correctly:

If your spine is already damaged by bad posture or if you intend to invest in your spine health, RPG is a good option. Learn more about the practice:

Now that you already know how to take care of your posture, you can’t forget to always pay attention to the position of your spine, so you avoid spine problems and consequently avoid having that unwanted tummy.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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