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Learn delicious fettuccine recipes and rock your guests

Although pasta is traditionally Italian, it is undeniable that it is one of the most beloved dishes in national cuisine, isn’t it? After all, hardly anyone doesn’t really like pasta.

And there is no shortage of pasta options for you to choose from: gnocchi, tagliatelle, spaghetti, farfalhe, penne, fusilli, among many others. Each of them pairs well with a type of sauce and is preferred by different people.

One of the most popular pasta dishes in Brazil is fettuccine. Made with long and flat cuts (wider than linguine and tagliatelle), it is quite tasty and combines with the most diverse types of sauces and side dishes, being quite versatile in its preparation.

Do you like this kind of pasta? See then several tasty recipes that can be prepared for the most diverse types of situations!

Fettuccines with traditional sauces

Traditional sauces are perfect for you who want something delicious and already established, whether for you, your partner and family or even for guests. They are perfect for the most diverse occasions and each of the recipes has an unparalleled flavor!

1. Fettuccine Alfredo: simple to make and with a light flavor, Alfredo sauce uses a base similar to white sauce, but with two special touches: Parmesan cheese and chicken. Delicious!

2. Fettuccine with sugo: how about making your own tomato sauce, without industrialized products? This is the differential of this Fettuccine Sugo recipe. You will be surprised by the taste.

3. Fettuccine carbonara: bacon, eggs and cheese, can it go wrong? Not even! Carbonara sauce is one of the most popular pasta sauces and is very simple to prepare.

4. Parisian fettuccine: another delight made with white sauce, in this case accompanied by ham and peas. It looks wonderful!

5. Fettuccine with pesto: practical (after all, it’s ready in 10 minutes), this sauce has the charm of basil and walnuts, super simple and practical to prepare!

6. Fettuccine Trapanense: learn how to make pesto sauce the Trapanse way and feel the sensational flavor! With almonds, parmesan, basil and tomato, it’s perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to your fettuccine.

7. Fettuccine with four cheeses: four cheeses is perfect for lovers of this delicacy! Each of the types stands out in some way, giving the sauce a unique flavor. Also, you can vary the choice of cheeses. 😉

8. Fettuccine with gorgonzola sauce: made with a strong flavored cheese, it is simple to make, using a base similar to white sauce. Sophisticated and irresistible!

9. Fettuccine with white sauce, broccoli and bacon: practical, this recipe is quick to make and, well, can you go wrong using bacon? Never! Everything combines and balances, creating a dish that is difficult not to repeat.

Fettuccines with chicken or sausage

For those who like to taste pasta with some protein, chicken or sausage are a perfect match for this type of pasta. See some unmissable recipes to use one of these two types of food.

10. Chicken and leek fettuccine: the leek gives this recipe a super special flavor, as well as the use of white wine, which helps to enhance the flavor of the chicken.

11. Chicken rabu fettuccine: for those who want more sophisticated fettuccine recipes, this is ideal! It has a very special flavor, but it is very easy to make.

12. Fettuccine with chicken and asparagus: with a taste of family food, asparagus is the main charm of this sensational recipe. Be sure to test!

13. Fettuccine with chicken and artichokes: Sunday lunch recipe. In addition to the main ingredients, the sauce has seasonings that leave the noodles with an unparalleled flavor!

14. Fettuccine with sausage sauce with fennel: for those who are passionate about sausage and even want to taste it in a healthier way with pasta, this recipe is ideal, as it goes in the oven instead of being fried.

15. Fettuccine with sausage and fig ragu: the fig jam and the peppery sausage go together in a particularly delicious way in this peculiar and delicious recipe!

Fettuccines with fish and seafood

And how about a combination of pasta with fish or seafood? Perfect for anyone who avoids red meat or wants a smoother, protein-like flavor. Check out some of the most delicious recipes with this type of meat.

16. Fettuccine with creamy salmon: with a mild flavor, salmon is ideal for those who want a sophisticated option to prepare fettuccine. And the creamy texture? Can’t resist!

17. Fettuccine with smoked salmon and Sicilian lemon: a delicious recipe and very simple to make, despite its sophisticated appearance. Sicilian lemon is used to enhance the flavor of smoked salmon and the result is incredible.

18. Fettuccine with vegetables and teryaki salmon: with a touch of oriental cuisine, this dish with the sweet and sour sauce pleases those who enjoy this flavor in their food.

19. Shrimp Fettuccine: For those who like shrimp, this slightly spicy recipe is perfect! Not to mention that it is practical and quick to prepare.

20. Fettuccine with mussels: this recipe is to break the stereotype that seafood takes work to prepare. Seasoned with white wine and lemon pepper, this sauce is a sophisticated option to please your guests.

21. Fettuccine with sardines and red sauce: made with canned sardines, it is super practical to prepare, with chopped tomatoes, seasonings and Parmesan cheese.

22. Fettuccine with cod, sun-dried tomato, broccoli and black olives: delicious recipe with flaked cod, peeled tomato, broccoli and black olives, with the face of a Portuguese recipe. It’s also perfect for when you want to serve something different.

23. Fettuccine with tuna, beets and radicchio: made with tuna steak (that is, not worth the canned), balsamic vinegar, beets and radicchio. Because it is a recipe that exudes elegance, it is a good option for special events.

Meatless fettuccines

For vegetarians or for those who want meat-free side dishes for their pasta, enjoy these wonderful recipes that are simple and amazing:

24. Fettuccine with mushrooms: made with Paris, shitake and Portobello mushrooms, this recipe is based on a sauce made with white wine. Yummy, isn’t it?

25. Zucchini Fettuccine: For those who want a healthier recipe, this zucchini accompaniment with ricotta paste is perfect! This version also takes several types of pepper and a touch of dry mint, making everything more special.

26. Fettuccine with artichokes: simple to prepare, great for when you want to prepare something quick and delicious for your guests!

27. Basil fettuccine with olive sauce: in addition to basil (which already gives it a super special touch) and olives, the recipe also uses peeled tomatoes and Parmesan cheese, giving that special tchan to the final result!

28. Leek and celery fettuccine: made with the lightest part of the leek, it still has milk cream, black pepper and nutmeg in the sauce. For no one to defect!

29. Fettuccine with sage and Sicilian lemon: made with butter, the pasta gets the plus of sage and Sicilian lemon seasoning. The version is quick to make and delicious!

30. Fettuccine with zucchini, yogurt and lemon: the sauce is not heated, which gives a very different effect when served at room temperature. The final taste is also divine.

31. Fettuccine with braised zucchini: made with several ingredients you may already have in your fridge today, it’s great for those who want a totally organic sauce.

32. Green Fettuccine with Vegetables and Olive Oil: Are you on a diet, but want to eat delicious and healthy pasta? Here’s an idea! The sauce is basically a stir-fry of peppers, zucchini, eggplant, onion and garlic.

33. Fettuccine with sun-dried tomatoes, almonds and parsley: the sauce has a similar base to pesto trapanese. With a peculiar flavor, it is perfect for those who want a different and tasty dish.

34. Fettuccine with soy sauce and sesame: with a more oriental touch, the recipe uses chard, carrots and onions. The sesame is roasted to give it a special touch.

35. Fettuccine with lentils and caramelized onions: are there any lentils left over from a dish? How about reusing it by making this recipe? You will definitely be surprised!

36. Carrot fettuccine with pesto sauce: how about making your own fettuccine with carrots? This way you avoid carbohydrates and still taste a very tasty recipe with pesto sauce.

37. Fettuccine with porcini and leek funghi: with a rustic flavor, the combination of funghi with leek pleases practically all palates and yields a complete and delicious meal.

38. Fettuccine with zucchini and mascarpone sauce: the recipe teaches how to make wholegrain fettuccine from scratch, that is, a fresh and healthy pasta. The sauce is very creamy, using sour cream in its base.

39. Serra da Canasta cheese fettuccine: want to use a different cheese in your recipe? Serra da canasta is delicious and goes well with this sauce, which is also based on sour cream.

40. Fettuccine with pumpkin and hazelnuts: the hazelnuts give a special touch, in addition to adding crunch to the dish. Perfect for when you want to serve something different to your guests.

41. Fettuccine with peppers and olives pesto: simple recipe to prepare, it is ready quickly, perfect for those busy days when you don’t have much time to prepare food, but don’t give up tasting something delicious.

How many delicious, practical, sophisticated and tasty recipes, right? There are options for every occasion! Which one were you tempted to try first?

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