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Learn about non-binary gender and non-binary types

Defining yourself as a masculine man or feminine woman is a bit difficult for some people. Anyone who does not identify with these labels is called non-binary. The term is still confusing for some, so we invited Psychoanalyst and Emotional Therapist Camila Custódio to talk about this subject.

What is non-binary

According to Camila, “the non-binary is that person who does not identify with either of the two genders that have traditionally been associated with both sexes: male for men and female for women”. In other words, the non-binary deviates from the conventional, created by our society, and for this reason, it causes hesitation.

Types of non-binary

According to the invited psychoanalyst, there are several types of associations that we can make. For her, “non-binary people identify with gender identities that go beyond these concepts”, for example:

  • Agender: “this type is characterized as the total absence of gender”;
  • Androgynous: “this classification is a mixture of feminine and masculine”;
  • Neutrois: “Neutral gender identity, but with multiple meanings. That is, this gender is neither feminine nor masculine, but has characteristics of both”;
  • Bigender: “here gender identity is double or ambiguous. Therefore, the person has both genders”;
  • Polygender: “as the name implies, this gender identity is plural or multiple, that is, there is a mixture”;
  • Gender-fluid: “when gender identity is fluid. He can change and be able to transition into both genders.”

“To facilitate understanding, it is necessary to understand that gender identity differs from sexuality. Identity itself is the way in which the individual presents himself to society, excluding the relationship factor and including the gender factor. Sexuality concerns the individual’s taste in terms of physical, romantic and sexual attraction”, completes Camila.

Non-binary symbol and flag

According to information provided by Camila Custódio, “non-binary people have their own flag, which was created in 2014 by Kye Rowan”. It has four horizontal bands of equal size:

yellow color band

The color yellow is outside the gender binary concept. She represents people who do not identify with either of the two existing ones.

white color band

The white color represents people who are of many genders. That is, men and women.

purple color band

This color, on the other hand, represents the fluidity and multiplicity of gender experiences. The uniqueness and flexibility of non-binary people.

black color band

Finally, the color black makes mention of people who may be agender or genderless.

Undoubtedly, flags are defined as a symbol of a people’s behavior, a link that refers to belonging to a group. And this represents a whole struggle for recognition and strengthening of a place in the world.

non-binary language

Camilo tells us that “to promote the inclusion of different sexual and social genders, the community developed Non-Binary or Neutral Language, which faces the social paradigms of gender and the behavior linked to it. “It is very important to point out that Non-Binary Language is not only for members of the LGBTQI+ Community and their sympathizers, but for all members of society”, added the therapist.

How to refer to a non-binary person

According to Camila, “the issue of gender is a social construction but also an imposition”. So, before calling a non-binary person “he” or “she”, it is very important to know the pronoun by which the person identifies. Therefore, some people have already been inserting the name he/his or her/her in their profiles on social networks to reduce confusion.

Not famous binaries

Recognizing nonbinarism by being a famous person is quite a brave move. However, some artists have already been talking openly about this topic, and for this reason, they are becoming a reference when it comes to self-acceptance. Meet some famous people who have already declared themselves as non-binary.

Miley Cyrus

The singer came out as non-binary trans and says she doesn’t fit into a “girl or boy” pattern. According to her, the gender of the people she meets doesn’t matter much. In addition, Miley once defined herself as pansexual, but considers herself to be genderless.

Ruby Rose

The actress of well-known series, such as Orange Is The New Black, identifies with the fluid-genre. She says she is comfortable with transitioning into both genders and that she wouldn’t change her body, however, if she could choose, she would be a man. Ruby also uses her pronouns calmly and says she doesn’t want to change that.

Dear Delevingne

The model and actress has been talking openly about this subject for some time now. She considers herself pansexual of the fluid gender. According to her personality, it was very difficult to understand her place in the world, but she understands that genders are much more fluid than just female or male.

Indya Moore

The actress is a trans woman, but considers gender binarism as a “fiction”. That is, for her, we are not limited to strictly feminine or masculine behaviors. According to Indya, no one is just one thing, every identity is non-binary.

Ezra Miller

The actor declared himself in 2018 as someone of the fluid-genre. Furthermore, he does not identify himself as either a man or a woman. Ezra also says he barely identifies as a human.

Currently, there are about 64 ways to identify one’s gender. Therefore, it is increasingly common not to meet with the one who was assigned at birth.

Non-binary experiences

It is worth noting that the non-binary has a gender expression or appearance similar to androgyny, however, this is not a rule. Meet some people today who accept and identify with this gender.

About being non-binary

Discover in this video the life story of 20-year-old Guilherme, who identifies as non-binary. He feels his identity and expressions belonging to the gender between the feminine and the masculine.

How I found out I was non-binary trans

Watch the video and learn about the trajectory of Bryanna Nasck, a non-binary trans woman. In addition, Bryanna gives tips for those who are having doubts about figuring out how to be non-binary.

Discover Noah’s life

Find out how Noah perceived himself in the world as a gender-fluid, non-binary trans. Follow your experiences and your ways of understanding the world.

Learn more about non-binary gender

In this video, Ester tells a little about the non-binary gender and how she understands herself within this theme.

“The possibilities of identification multiply and more and more generations get rid of the old impositions to allow themselves to be more free and authentic”, concludes Camila. And if you are interested in this topic, check out our article on transgender children and learn how to live in harmony with trans children.

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