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Lasagna pasta: 8 delicious recipes that will enter your repertoire

Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish that has become popular all over the world and has acquired almost infinite variations. However, the only thing that doesn’t change is that a homemade lasagna pasta will always be much better than an industrialized pasta. Thus, the dish is much tastier and lighter!

How about checking out a selection of super easy lasagna pasta recipes to make?

1. Plain lasagna noodles

This delicious chicken lasagna recipe brings a special touch with the preparation of homemade pasta. For this one, you will use about 200g of wheat flour, 2 whole eggs and 6 yolks. Just mix well and knead to a point where it doesn’t stick so much to your fingers and isn’t too hard. Then just open the dough into strips and cook for 5 minutes in hot water. Check out the full recipe.

2. Traditional lasagna noodles

In this very fun light lasagna pasta recipe, you will learn a few tricks. One of them is to make a “volcano” of wheat flour on the table and place the eggs in the middle. Then beat the eggs with a fork and mix them with the flour. It’s easy, quick and dirty less dishes.

3. Homemade lasagna noodles

Once you start making this recipe, you’ll never want to buy ready-made dough again! The dough is light and delicious and can be consumed in up to 2 days or frozen for 3 months. For this, separate approximately 4 cups of wheat flour, 4 eggs, ½ cup of water, 1 teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of oil. See the step by step.

4. Lasagna noodles with wheat semolina

Wheat semolina (resulting from the grinding of clean and degerminated wheat grains) is widely used in the preparation of pasta by Italians because it is a flour very rich in gluten, which gives the dough greater resistance and richness in proteins. How about trying to increase your dough with a new ingredient?

5. Crepioca lasagna noodles

For a lighter and gluten-free dough, this recipe brings the crepioca dough, which combines the tasty with the healthy. Widely used in fitness recipes, crepioca won Brazil for being delicious! Using this idea, you will be able to enjoy a different lasagna without guilt. Check step by step.

6. Low carb lasagna noodles

If you’re tired of eating zucchini and eggplant in your diet, a very interesting idea is to use hearts of palm instead of wheat pasta. You can buy it already cut in the shape of lasagna noodles or cut the heart of palm long and open it like blades. It’s very tasty and low carb.

Be sure to try to make your own dough! In addition to being cheaper than buying it ready-made, it will make your lasagna much tastier and with a more pleasant texture! Want to discover new opportunities to get your hands dirty (literally)? Check out pizza dough recipes for a delicious celebration!

7. Vegan lasagna noodles

The big problem with the pasta that are sold in supermarkets is that they usually contain eggs. This delicious, all-vegan recipe dispenses with animal products and pasta machine products using only all-purpose flour, warm water, salt, and vegetable oil. Check the preparation details.

8. Wholemeal lasagna noodles

100% whole wheat flour has emerged as a healthier alternative to white flour, as it contains more fiber, vitamins and minerals than the refined version. It absorbs more moisture than white, so if your recipe is a little ‘dry’, use an extra egg. Do not use salt in the dough, as the traditional way is to salt it only at the time of cooking.

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