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Lace shorts: learn how to wear this feminine and sensual piece

A fabric that is very reminiscent of period clothes, lace – which was kind of forgotten in the drawers – has been reinvented and has been on the minds of women in recent seasons.

Whether in street fashion, among bloggers or on the catwalks of spring/summer collections, lace shorts are a comfortable and beautiful piece that, when well used, can produce a sensual and very elegant look.

Depending on how the look will be composed, lace shorts can still convey romantic information. According to Cláudia Piantini, a specialist in image, style and behavior, in this case it is necessary to analyze the details used, for example the length, with what is being combined, accessories and the top of the garment.

Lace shorts and blouse

Cláudia says that there are many possible combinations of lace shorts, including lace blouses: “It is possible to combine lace shorts with lace blouses, the important thing is to make the look interesting, nothing more and nothing with too many information”.

The specialist exemplifies such a possible and elegant combination: “There can be a contrast in the lace, for example the shorts with a more closed lace and the blouse being a thin lace with drawings, thickened, showing more the transparency of this lace”, she reveals.

Looks with lace shorts

Other combinations with lace shorts are more than allowed. According to Cláudia, the creativity, personality and message to be transmitted will dictate the ways to wear the shorts: “With a denim shirt the look is modern and informal, with a silk shirt it will be more refined and with a cotton shirt it will be more casual; a t-shirt will inform a relaxed look and already with a leather jacket in addition to sensuality will inform a lot of personality. If the woman wearing the lace shorts is very creative, she will bet on a plaid shirt”, she reveals.

Check out some options that you can adapt to your taste and the pieces you have in your wardrobe:

1. Comfortable and casual everyday look

2. Elegant and a little more formal look

The specialist also denies the myth between right and wrong – the important thing is the personality and the message to be conveyed with the clothes.

types of income

Much talked about lately, guipir lace, also called gripir or gripier, is a linen or silk lace with relief motifs, which form arabesques, explains Cláudia. “Guipure lace has a more robust look and is considered the noblest of lace”, she adds.

Many other types of lace can be found on the market, each with a different style and information. It is important to pay attention to these details when purchasing lace shorts, to make the right choice.

Cláudia reveals that there are lace that can be composed of cotton only, mixed with acrylic or the most noble, some of which are: richelieu lace, French whipped cream, soutache, renaissance, needle, fillet, lace, among others.


Lace shorts are made of a delicate fabric, so you need to be very careful when washing, drying and ironing them, so that the piece remains intact for a long time. The tip to always follow the instructions on the label is always valid.

Also, be very careful with your choice of accessories. Bracelets and rings can snag on the garment and pull wires. When sitting, make sure the chair doesn’t have spikes that could also damage your shorts.

Where to buy?

Numerous lace shorts options are available in the market. More than just a fashion item, lace shorts are a piece that can be worn regardless of the season and trends. It’s vintage, it’s elegant, it’s sexy and timeless, for women with style and personality.

When choosing your look with lace shorts, “always think about the image you are transmitting and who you really want to express with the clothes you wear”, concludes the specialist.

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