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Korean straightening: understand how it works

Each type of hair has its peculiarities. Currently, for example, it is common to see many women investing in curling irons and other devices that promise to leave their locks with a perfect wavy…

But, it is true that straight hair has long “made the head” of women and is generally considered a preference. That’s because they are practical, they are always well aligned and leave the woman elegant for any occasion!

It is not by chance that new straightening products often appear on the market, promising to leave the hair beautiful, soft, shiny and without that artificial aspect.

And one of these novelties that, although it was launched a few years ago, still draws the attention of women is the so-called “Korean straightening”, which promises to make the strands more beautiful and, of course, definitely smooth.

The technique is already successful in many salons, especially in cities like Rio de Janeiro, but it is still new to many people and, precisely because of this, it raises questions such as: is straightening really effective? Do the wires look natural? Who is it for?

What is Korean straightening?

According to Tatiana Rocha, a professional at the Nilcéia Rocha Coiffeur salon, the definitive Korean straightening reconditions and hydrates the hair. “It has in its lawsonia formula, an active principle that interacts with the keratin of the hair, providing more elasticity and leaving the strands healthier. The hair receives several ingredients such as vegetable oils and henna extract, which help to give life to the hair, leaving the strands more silky and shiny”, she highlights.

The straightening is done with RH12+, a product that promises to straighten the threads without drying or damaging them, as it has a smoother formulation than others available on the market, and which was brought to Brazil in mid-2008 by the laboratory Korean Sewha.

At the time, the product was one of the highlights of the Beuty Fair – a fair that presents beauty professionals with news in the area – and drew a lot of attention for the information that it could be used by women who already had their hair dyed and even by children.

According to information from the manufacturer, the straightener does not contain formaldehyde, oxidants, does not need neutralizing and has twelve times the concentration of lawsonia, a substance extracted from henna that has a restorative action on the hair fiber.

However, the claim that the product could be used even by children generated a lot of discussion at the time. The main consideration is that, like any other straightener, RH12+ is not completely harmless, as it contains ethanolamine tilglycolate, a chemical substance that generates the straightening effect on the hair by directly interfering with the structure of the strands.

But, according to the manufacturer’s information, the Korean product’s differential is precisely that it has a lower concentration of tilglycolate. Still, it is important to point out that most dermatologists advise against using any chemical product on the hair until the child reaches puberty.

How is Korean straightening done?

Tatiana Rocha explains that the procedure is simple: he straightens the hair in two hours. “The first step is washing the hair with a specific shampoo to remove residues. Straightening is applied and then the strands are washed and towel-dried, without twisting. To finish the process, the hair is dried and the flat iron comes into action to do the thermal realignment”, she says.

Straightening is compatible with all chemical treatments. It can be used on all types of hair, even those with reflection, for example. In the case of girls under the age of 18, straightening can only be done with parental consent.

It is worth mentioning, however, that straightening should only be done by professionals, as there is a specific product for each type of hair. That is, there are four options in the line to perform Korean straightening, so a prior assessment by the hairdresser is necessary to define which is the best for each case.

Maintenance and cost

Korean straightening is permanent, but requires maintenance from the moment the root starts to grow. For curlier hair, the touch-up should be done after three months. The “less rebellious” wires usually last up to six months.

Korean straightening can cost from R$300 to R$1000, as the price varies a lot according to the city and the salon where it will be done.

If you are looking for smoother, healthier and more beautiful hair, and you are interested in this type of straightening, ask the professionals at a beauty salon you trust if they work with the technique. Also remember to clear all your doubts about Korean straightening to see if it will really meet your expectations.

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