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Korean fashion: tips, photos and videos to get into hallyu fashion

On the rise, the Korean wave, also called hallyu, broke through South Korea’s borders and also reached Western countries. Due to this phenomenon, K-pop, dramas, skincare routine and Korean fashion are trends that are being reproduced all over the world. To stay on top of this style, stay with us!

How to wear Korean fashion?

Full of references, the Korean style allows you to create very varied looks. There are two main styles used: romantic and stripped. So, whether you’re looking for a girlier or more urban look, you can be inspired by this trend. For that, see the tips that we separate below:

romantic look

To invest in this proposal, it is worth betting on collared collars, flared or pleated skirts and knitted blouses. To complete the look, also use cute accessories, such as hair bows.

cool look

Here, the idea is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, so you can insert oversized pieces, sneakers and boots to achieve this result. It is also worth abusing neutral tones and sober colors.

neutral tones

Discreet, neutral tones are extremely easy to combine. In addition, you can still assemble a stylish look with pieces with this proposal. In this case, it is worth betting on overlays to highlight the look, for example.

candy colors

You know those very light tones that go with everything? They are also part of Korean fashion productions. They are a great choice for those who want to achieve a delicate look. In addition, they match very well with neutral tones.

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oversized pieces

Comfort and style can be present in the same look, and the oversized style proves it. Here, the idea is to wear loose pieces of clothing, such as pants, t-shirts and hoodies. In addition, they are versatile, as you can get a casual and even elegant look.

comfortable shoes

Chunky sneakers and shoes feature heavily in Korean fashion looks, often accompanied by white ankle-length socks. Boots and other flat shoes are also a bet for those who want to compose a production from head to toe.

bare legs

Short skirts are very present in Korean fashion. The most used styles are flared, pleated and denim. Here, short shorts also come into play. Also, the idea is that the waist is high. Meanwhile, necklines are not very common.

parts overlap

To invest in this proposal, you can wear a t-shirt under a dress, a long-sleeved blouse under a crop top and so on. Thus, you can take the look out of the obvious and create very stylish combinations.


The main prints used in Korean fashion are classic: plaid and stripes. But you can also use flowers or any other pattern you prefer. They are present both in clothes and in shoes and accessories.

high school style

Pleated skirts, 3/4 socks and tiaras are pieces that make up the high school style and are darlings in Korean fashion. After all, this girlie proposal matches the style very well. To make the result more modern, you can still use a chunky on the feet.

As you can see, there are several proposals to join Korean fashion. If you want an even more differentiated look, it is worth merging the two main proposals – the cool and the romantic – in a single look.

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25 Korean fashion looks for you to copy

Now, how about checking out inspirations from Korean fashion looks to adhere to the style? Check it out:

1. For a romantic look beyond clothes

2. It’s also worth betting on accessories

3. And in candy colors

4. Which can also be used in a casual look

5. There are more serious proposals

6. And also other very relaxed ones

7. In addition, comfort is very present

8. So, how about investing in wide pieces?

9. Which can compose the collegiate style

10. But a more classic proposal is also worth

11. And don’t forget about overlays

12. For comfortable shoes, white sneakers are a wildcard

13. Also has 3/4 socks

14. The outside legs are balanced with a t-shirt

15. How does this inspiration show

16. For those who like prints, it’s also worth including them

17. How about a street style vibe…

18. What can mix neutral tones and prints?

19. As you can see

20. The variety of combinations is wide

21. So, just separate the options that you like the most

22. To adhere to Korean fashion

23. And rock the look

24. Be it colorful

25. Or more neutral

So, do you think it would be easy to use one of the proposals above? You can also be inspired by the photos to adapt a look that suits you!

More information about Korean fashion

Want to know even more about this trend before wearing looks inspired by it? So, take a look at the videos we separate below:

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K-pop inspired outfits

K-pop is part of the hallyu wave, so why not check out looks inspired by the musical style? It has an option with shorts, skirt and also a t-shirt!

Tips for wearing Korean fashion

In this video, you can see a little more about the style and also how to use pieces you already have at home to join the trend.

Korean looks to wear

Here, you see even more combinations of pieces that can be made to achieve a Korean fashion look. Follow up!

korean hairstyles

To complete the look, how about checking out how to make 3 different hairstyles in the Korean style? It has an option with loose, stuck and semi-tight wires. Check out!

So, what did you think of all these references? If you like trends, also see how to wear the oversized style, which is cool and super comfortable!

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