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Know the natural shampoo, know which ones to buy and how to make

Many components of conventional shampoos can cause damage to hair health and also pollution of the planet. That’s why natural shampoo is a great option. Keep reading and understand what it is, learn about products to buy and learn how to make your own!

What is natural shampoo

We interviewed Roseli Siqueira, a beautician and cosmetologist who has been working with natural products and treatments for over 40 years. She explains to us that a natural shampoo is one that has only natural ingredients in its formula. “Without petroleum derivatives, sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens”, says the cosmetologist.

Roseli also claims that many compounds used in the cosmetics industry can harm the hair. “These actives will leave the hair wonderful on the outside and dry on the inside”, warns the cosmetologist. Therefore, many products available in the market only mask the hair instead of treating it.

Doubt: natural X organic

Not all natural shampoo is organic. This is because, for any product to be considered organic, it needs to be made with at least 95% of compounds grown without pesticides and non-GMO.

Many industrialized products appropriate the term “natural” to sell more according to current demands. However, you need to read the composition to make sure that the shampoo you are buying is really natural.

The best natural shampoos rated by bloggers

To know if a shampoo is really natural, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of some ingredients. Silicone, paraffin and petroleum jelly (which are petroleum derivatives), as well as sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens, should not be part of natural shampoos, Roseli recommends. So pay attention to the labels and check out suggestions that are well evaluated by the following bloggers:

1. Organoliss Rosemary and Basil Solid Shampoo – $$

This shampoo is solid in tablet form. By not having a plastic packaging, it is an ecological option. In addition, it has surfactant derived from coconut and herbal extracts, which do not harm the environment. It is great for dry or damaged hair as it cleans without drying it out. Rosemary extract helps in hair growth.

“It makes a very smooth and delicious foam and yields a lot. It has a super yummy smell, very green, very herbal! The hair comes out beautifully scented.” – Marieli Mallmann

2. BOB Nourishing Solid Shampoo – $$

It is also an ecological option, as it is solid and without plastic packaging. It is a nourishing shampoo with cupuaçu butter, ideal for a nourishing cleanse. In addition, it has white clay, which acts in the reconstruction of the wires. The combination of geranium and ylang-ylang guarantees a great smell.

“It cleans in a very efficient, gentle and moisturizing way. It doesn’t dry out the hair. I thought the yield was excellent and I loved the smell, I love this combination of geranium and ylang-ylang.” – Mari Vasconi

3. Drama Queen Lola Cosmetics Shampoo – $$

Lola Cosmetics is changing the formula of some of its products to natural compositions. This shampoo is a good option with a natural formula, it is easy to find and acts on the nutrition of the wires. It has coconut water and shea butter, great for treating dry hair. In addition, it has thermal protection.

“I really felt the presence of oil in the composition of this product. And the feeling that this shampoo gave me when rinsing my hair was as if I had applied a mask. Instant softness!” – Carol Reis

4. Boni Natural Argan and Linseed Shampoo- $$$

The Boni Natural brand has a complete line of natural hygiene and beauty products. The shampoo is rich in oils, which helps dry, dry or chemically damaged hair. It has a delicious natural scent.

“I am in love with this shampoo! He is kind to the skin. You feel that it cleanses the scalp well, but it is gentle on both the length of the strands and the skin of the scalp. And this is because of the oils and extracts of aloe vera and calendula, which help a lot in recovery.” – Mari Vasconi

5. Brazil nut shampoo Arte dos Aromas – $$$

The shampoo is rich in Brazil nuts, so it is highly nourishing. In addition, its formula has selenium, zinc and other minerals, which promotes hydration and a long-lasting effect.

“I felt like it cleansed my hair, but without drying it out. It brought a light feeling and still smelled good, this is amazing!” – Amanda Soares

These are some suggestions you can find to buy on the internet or in stores in your city. Another good alternative is to look for artisanal products produced locally where you live. Surely, you will find good options too!

How to make natural shampoo and have a more ecological care routine

Making your own shampoo is a way to have a healthier, more ecological and economical routine. That’s why we’ve selected great recipes for you to try. Check out!

Natural shampoo for hair growth

This shampoo is made only with plant-based ingredients and is easily found in specialty stores. Rosemary essential oil is used to keep the scalp healthy and promote growth, and cedar oil to prevent hair loss. Watch the video and watch the full step by step!

How to wash your hair with baking soda and vinegar

You don’t need to make a recipe with several compounds to wash your hair with a natural shampoo. Check out the video and learn how to wash your hair with only baking soda and vinegar.

Natural shampoo with simple ingredients

This shampoo is made with only simple ingredients that can be found in health food stores. Rosemary, juá bark, water and xanthan gum are used to thicken the shampoo.

oat natural shampoo

This is a very simple recipe. To prepare, just boil oatmeal and water for a few minutes and then use as shampoo. Check out the video to know the quantities, how to use and how to store!

Solid shampoo for mixed or oily hair

Solid shampoo, in addition to bringing benefits to your hair, also brings benefits to the planet, as it generates less waste. To learn how to do it, watch the video, pay attention to the step by step and the details explained.

Natural shampoo is the best option for you who care about the health of the wires and the protection of the environment. Choose yours or produce at home to know the benefits better and in practice. Enjoy and also check out 10 vegan shampoo options!

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