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Know the astral predictions for 2016 for the earth signs – Blog

Want to know what your love life will be like in 2016? Will this case get serious? Will dating live for marriage? The astrologer and tarologist Flavio Versannio works by phone, chat and email at and made the astral predictions for all signs.

Astral love predictions for 2016 – Earth signs

  • Love Predictions for Taurus

This year will be one of romance and imagination, Taurus, but you will tend to put a great deal of emotional strain on your relationships. This may cause you to not see things clearly. Look for self-knowledge, meditate on your affective life and, if you’re with someone, see the other the way he is. Loving astral predictions reveal that the important thing is to deal with your fears, insecurities, knowing that things can get better in the future.

Both for those who are single and in a relationship, the period is one of changes, of listening to intuition, knowing that things will become clearer as time goes by. Say a Taurus friendly prayer, a meditation when you are thinking about your affective life. Self-esteem, self-love and positivism always help.

  • Love Predictions for Virgo

Your affection will be intense throughout the year. The tip is to leave any hurt behind, renewing your feelings and opening yourself up to the best. The time is to conquer balance in relationships through persistence, common sense and without acting with criticism, but with “knack” and affection, without ceasing to be you, after all your sign is integrity. Put your things in order, like clothes, house, body, this is a mental way of attracting order to your love life.

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The astral forecasts for 2016 indicate that, for those in a relationship, the year emphasizes the expansion in the way of relating. For those who are single, predictions indicate that it will be necessary to let go of the past and invest in work and travel, so you can meet someone.

  • Love Predictions for Capricorn

You will live a year of adjustments in your relationships, which will be positive in the future; if you have been going through a period of separation, face that it is a phase of transformation in your life and renew your feelings, believing in the best. The less extreme you are, the better you will be at dealing with any unpleasantness in your love life. For single women, the period indicates positive changes through an analysis of their moment.

Free yourself from what was not good for you and open your heart, because with an open heart and faith, knowing how to make the best of each situation, you can be happier. Astral forecasts indicate that a new love may come, but you need to get to know the person better before jumping in, as either you will be too serious and closed off or going too fast, that is, 8 or 80. , this will be a period of adjustment in relationships.

Want to know more details about your love life in 2016? Make an appointment with Flavio and discover the complete astrological predictions for your sign.

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