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Knight of Wands in Tarot – What does it reveal? What will happen?

O Knight of Wands in Tarot indicates renewal, search for the unknown, exploration. It’s a card like this, which signals new paths and adventures. It indicates that the querent will be willing to seize the new opportunities that will arise.

The message of this letter can be both positive and negative, depending a lot on the context in which the subject will be placed in your life. Understand more deeply the meaning and interpretations of the Knight of Wands in Tarot.

Meaning of Knight of Wands in Tarot

The Knight of Wands signifies renewed energies. It brings impulsiveness and courage to the querent to face the unknown and the unforeseen. Represents the possibility of an unexpected departure or trip.

The knight is a figure that is in constant motion. He’s fast, so he doesn’t let opportunities slip away. It shows that you are willing to take risks. That’s why this letter comes to ask for caution. Unforeseen events, both positive and negative, can happen.

In this card, we see a young man mounted on his horse, holding a wooden stick. He fearlessly sets out on a mission and nothing will stop him. However, he doesn’t stop to reflect on what might happen. He just throws himself headlong into the situation, which is risky.

The Knight of Wands in Tarot also represents a man who suddenly appears and provokes great passion. For the entire time he is with the woman he loves, he is the ultimate lover, passionate and intense. However, for no apparent reason, he walks away, disappears or simply says goodbye.


When the Knight of Wands goes out on a pitch, it indicates a step forward into the unknown and reminds you that the most important moment in our lives is now. Therefore, you must seize the present moment and enjoy every second.

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This card brings the idea of ​​passion, of courage to face whatever comes. A new path will open up and you will dive headfirst into this adventure. You have no idea what you’ll find, but you’re willing to pay to see it.

Another interpretation for the Knight of Wands is the entry into your life of a meddlesome and haughty person. Cut it right from the start. Don’t let her interfere with her plans.

This card also warns you not to open up too much with people who come into your life now because the Knight of Wands represents extremes. Thus, you can be bathed in both very positive energies and very negative energies.

If you dream of visiting a special place, this is the time to organize it, as this Minor Arcana favors travel. The Knight of Wands is an adventurer in the positive sense of the term. So it’s time to fight to turn your dreams into reality.

You will be more willing to take risks and try new horizons. So, choose an acting focus and play! Live with intensity what you feel you need to live. Be aware that your choices and actions will have consequences, but so does inertia.

When the Knight of Wands appears as a gift card, he comes to tell you that you must start living more audaciously. Open up to the world and don’t let your fears dominate you.

If this card appears in the future position, it brings the prediction that you will live new adventures. Different energies will come to you. Enjoy them to the fullest!

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See the most common interpretations for the Knight of Wands in Tarot according to the area of ​​life related to the question:

Knight of Wands and Love

When this card appears in the face of a question about love, it indicates that you will feel a strong attraction to someone and this involvement can yield good results. This person could be a co-worker.

However, if you are committed, you should be careful not to push your partner away, as your partner may suddenly change his mind about your relationship. This can happen mainly because of differences of opinion between you. Try to understand it and seek to maintain harmony, dialogue and balance in the relationship.

When the Knight of Wands is representing someone in a Tarot game, the person in question has the characteristic of falling in love very easily. He is someone who also easily engages others. However, he is a difficult person to get attached to and stuck in a single relationship.

To win over a person who has the Knight of Wands profile, it is necessary to set them free and create strategies to subtly attract attention.

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Knight of Wands, work and finances

When this card appears in front of a question about work, it indicates that good surprises will appear in this field for you. You will feel motivated to grow and even change jobs. Right now, you are the fearless knight himself in pursuit of his dreams.

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However, the Knight of Wands also asks you to analyze where you step. Caution will protect you from unforeseen events. Don’t let good things go unnoticed, but protect yourself wisely from everything that won’t do you good.

If you are unemployed, look for job interviews because you will have everything to get attention. You will have the energy up there. Use it exercising your creativity and sympathy when applying for a vacancy.

As far as finances are concerned, the Knight of Wands in Tarot announces the unexpected inflow of money or changes in professional life.

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The Negative Side of the Knight of Wands in Tarot

As an obstacle card, the Knight of Wands in Tarot comes to warn you that you are putting too much expectation on something that will not happen. It can be in the professional sphere, in a project that has no basis, or in the love sector, in a platonic love.

Don’t just stand there dreaming! These dreams will not come true now and are consuming your life time. Change focus!

This card also comes to warn you to be careful with your impulsiveness so you don’t trade your feet for hands. Think carefully before you act!

But it is important to remember that the meaning of Tarot cards depends a lot on the other cards that are next to you. To learn to read the Tarot assertively, take our course “The Mysteries of Tarot – Major and Minor Arcana”.

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